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Key change

As a survivor main I don't have a problem with keys, but a lot of people here do so I figured I'd give some attention to my idea to make both sides happy.

Instead of completely nerfing keys, why not change the dull key (purple)

I've always felt that skeleton and dull keys were basically the same and I don't care which one I get. So, to change this we should make dull keys a 1 per person deal.

Skeleton will stay the same - a great hatch escape and achievement for friends, but much rarer to get in your Bloodweb than they already are.

Dull keys will only open the hatch for the person holding it. Still fun to use, but not for SWF.

Lastly, this was an idea from a previous post I saw which is disabling keys from chests. This seems like a pretty fair change. With this change they could also create a perk that enables the chance of a key in a chest - sort of like plunderers instinct, but that perk will no longer give you keys unless you equip the new one.


  • Pumpkindog7000Pumpkindog7000 Member Posts: 5


  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127

    I honestly like this change, because it means Ultra Rare keys has more of a purpose other than more Aura Reading. And we need more Ultra Rares that are a huge threat to the other side.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,611

    No reason, I guess just basic rejection to change or entitled survivor. Unless there is coming something else, this is all we can assume :P

    I also heard suggestions like "opening hatch should take some seconds and make noise" which is also a healthy change I think. Also heard that the keys in general should only allow the keyholder to escape. But hearing that again from you, I even thought about giving the skeleton key the ability to keep the hatch open for one more person by default, automatically closing the hatch after the second escape. And then changing addons to give a "+1 survivor escape". That would either force at least 2 survivors to take a key if you want the 4 man hatch or reduce the amount of "weaved + milky" combos, keeping all the keys in the inventory for so long.

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