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  • semihoeretensemihoereten Member Posts: 5



    6/1/2021 00:34

  • vjewelvjewel Member Posts: 1



    1/9/2021 12:50am ( everyday )

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 41

    PC, USA

    Doesn't happen too often (thank the Divines), but the game suddenly freezes (actions like healing / repairing / unlocking don't complete, people keep running in one direction (into walls) and won't stop) and boots me out. Has also happened to my brother.

    Not an issue from our end. When reentering the game, it gives us a penalty of several minutes. >:(

  • Chloe_DeplanoChloe_Deplano Member Posts: 39

    PC, Italy.

    Happens only when I play Killer, once in every two matches, especially at the beginning of it, after 3-4 minutes from the start. The issue started to present itself 3-4 days ago.

  • BaconatorBaconator Member Posts: 1
    edited January 17

    Ive been disconnected from the Game server as I was playing killer for the last 5 games. The DC wasnt consecutive but it has been every other of the 5 games i played in a row.

  • JayBunniJayBunni Member Posts: 1

    PC, Oceania (Australia).

    Happened 18/01/2021 at between 10:00PM - 10:05PM AEST.

    I was running in game and then afterimages of my survivor appeared on the screen and I was disconnected from the host.

    This has happened a couple of times in the past.

    I know my internet hasn't dropped out because i've been in voicechat with friends during my games and I haven't disconnected from discord or any other program I use that requires a stable internet connection doesn't drop out.

    I was time penalised and dropped to rank 9 from rank 8, which isn't much but when I believe that it was not my fault that I disconnected y'know.

  • Hamdann66Hamdann66 Member Posts: 1
    edited January 20

    PC, United Arab Emirates ( Abu Dhabi )

    Sorry I don't have my log

    Account number in DBD #51f7

    this steam account https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198964709517/

    Happened 20/01/2021 at between 1:00PM .

    I was running in game and then afterimages of my survivor appeared on the screen and I was disconnected from the host.

    it happened many many times and now its shows its banned for 24 hours !! for no reason

    i was playing with my sister she didn't disconnected like me

    my internet is fine and we check it many times and its only me that who disconnected

    i hope you check this problem to not happened again

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  • ravenampravenamp Member Posts: 8


    united arab emirates

    iam crashing since the beginning of the game release

  • menoc_sk27menoc_sk27 Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2


    Saxony, Germany

    got disconnected midmatch twice, got an Error screen saying something along the lines of "error you need to be online to play" then it stays off a little while before reconnecting to the service. Happened in 2 out of 3 games I played today and lost the pips because of it. After the second time I got banned/locked for a couple of minutes.

    Sidenote: the third game was a face camping Bubba that cost another pip. Red ranks, am I right? :(

    Sorry for the edits. First post

  • WaldenniaWaldennia Member Posts: 3


    Missouri, USA

    Today, around 11:10AM 2/6/21

    This has happened to me several times over the past couple of months. Prior to that, I rarely ever experienced random disconnects. It was pretty bad about two weeks ago and I thought I was free from it, but it happened again today as soon as I finished the last generator. I was up against a Nurse and she was coming my way after doing the last gen. I was injured so I tried to get in a locker to hide. That was the catalyst right there, trying to interact with something. That's how it usually happens. Whether it's slow vaulting a window, pallet, or going into a locker. The majority of times for me has been when I'm crawling through a window. The game will freeze and I might be able to look around momentarily before it disconnects me and sends me back to the loading screen. It will let me say 'continue' and load up the lobby, but there's no menu information, just a blank smoky screen with no killer character on it or options to take you to another screen. So I have to restart the whole game and by the time I get back, it shows that I have a DC penalty. It's of course frustrating because I have never intentionally disconnected before. I always try to stick the match out in hopes I'll get lucky or whatever. There was even a day where this happened three separate times and it landed me with a 12 minute DC penalty. I'm hoping the cause of the issue is being investigated because it makes the game not so fun when you lose all of your progress for that match and it happens at random. On top of that, (if you're playing survivor) it hurts your team and they often message me wondering why I DC'd and I have to explain that the game dipped on me yet again and apologize for ruining their game too. Sometimes, even the killer will message me wondering what they did wrong and I have to reassure them too that it wasn't them.

    It's most definitely not my internet because I don't lose connection on any of my other devices and I'm always able to immediately reload the game without any other issues. So it has to be the game and it's always when an interaction is being attempted with (usually) an inanimate object. Once, it was when I was attempting to unhook someone. Something about interactions makes the game short circuit, kick people out, and dump a DC penalty on them despite having done no wrong. Hoping this will get figured out/fixed in near future.

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