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  • cebu1234567cebu1234567 Member Posts: 2



    It said 'I was disconnected from host', my internet was good, this is occurring every day and every time I played this games.

  • TAW012294TAW012294 Member Posts: 3
    • PC
    • US Central
    • just now (11/30 around 1:30am)

    Internet connection is fine, I was grouped with a couple survivors, and they remained in the game and the Discord call, while I stayed in the call but not the game. Very annoying bug, happens too often.

  • TAW012294TAW012294 Member Posts: 3

    Can this stop [BAD WORD] happening?

    2:23am today.

  • Ezyb0nesEzyb0nes Member Posts: 1

    So I disconnect from any game I try get into. I went to play used my engineers toolbox spare part and another item with my birthday cake slice from Halloween and as soon as the game started it buzzed at me like it was frozen then disconnected back to the Xbox home screen, thinking this was a one time thing I tried again with my Alex’s toolbox another spare part and a third less important item and it buzzed again and disconnected. I’m about to try a third time but this sucks I’m losing items and can’t play? My game is updated as much as it can be so idk why this keeps happening

  • Breezy_WheezyBreezy_Wheezy Member Posts: 1

    Get dcd every killer game and keep getting matchmaking banned. Unplayable

  • FiteMeL0serFiteMeL0ser Member Posts: 2
    • Xbox One
    • North America
    • December 5th 7:30 pm EST Approx.
    • it was actually an entire game crash but I got a disconnection penalty as well so I think it counts? It happened on father campbell’s chapel against the twins. I hit a great skill check and the game crashed.

  • BlazBlueBlazBlue Member Posts: 1

    keep getting band due to constent crashing due to this error Clean install didn`t fix think its on the games end. anyone got a solid fix i did most of what was recommended and nothing helped so yeah think its on the games end.

    Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x184fae00

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 62926953 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 62926792 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 62917577 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 57223703 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 53912640 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 57225200 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 57185529 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 46716067 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 63178466 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 63179779 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 48115627 bytes

    DeadByDaylight_Win64_Shipping {0x0000000000000000} + 48084497 bytes

    kernel32 {0x0000000000000000} + 94260 bytes

    ntdll {0x0000000000000000} + 315601 bytes

  • KiralexKiralex Member Posts: 3

    Platform : Steam

    Region : Asia, Kazakhstan

    Date: 1-7 Dec 2020 any time

    Log : Attached

    Internet: Broadband 100Mbps

    Random crashes of the game started after patch 4.4.0 Before the update, this was not the case. This also affects the enabled browser. If it is enabled, the browser also crashes along with the game. This is very strange and this has never happened before.

  • Tomie3213Tomie3213 Member Posts: 38

    I'm getting the, "Disconnected from Host," issue. The killer stops moving and I think they've disconnected but then I'm kicked from the game and get a DC penalty.

  • evillow76evillow76 Member Posts: 1

    This is 2 days in a row I've been in a game and was disconnected and penalized for it I'm in North America on a PS4 on a wired connection. It especially sucks when you are up against a rank 1 killer and fixing to be the only survivor left then boom disconnected.

  • Steam


    I got disconnected from 2 matches, first when I was about to fix a generator and the second time while I was dropping a pallet. Game froze both times, then kicked me back to the menu. First time the menu was broken and had no buttons or characters in the background, second time the game closed itself after I got back into the menu. Not an internet issue either, since that was working fine.

    Pretty pissed off since I got penalised both times and went from 5.2 back to 6.1. Pretty fuckin' unfair.

  • DroogsDroogs Member Posts: 10
    edited December 2020

    Platform: PC / Steam

    Region: Germany

    Date: December 13. Just happened at approximately 17:08 (5:08 pm). Happened 4 times today.

    Log: Attached

    Internet: Broadband 100Mbps

    Disconnects near the end of the match, says "No Network Connection" but my internet is stable.

  • christineyechristineye Member Posts: 2

    I constantly have this issue of disconnecting rom game server since September this year. I cannot load into the game at all, the game server disconnect when I just about to loading into deadbydaylight, I knew that by monitoring my ping. My ping became 999ms everytime when I just about to load in, this is not a coincidence. All items, addons, rank progress are lost, just cannot play the game. If someone else is having the same issue with me plz tell me how to solve the problem.

    Thank you!

    Platform: PC

    Region: NA

    Time: 12/15/2020 12:52 PM

  • ZerlogZerlog Member Posts: 3


    United States, Iowa

    12/16/2020, about 3:00 am

    So tonight I played 2 matches as Demogorgon, during the first one I dropped down to 4 frames from my solid 60. My PC Temp was fine, DBD was the only thing running, no other downloads, and my connection was fine! Game suddenly disconnects out of nowhere. BS. The second round went well, but at the end I saw a Nancy start running forward endlessly and then I DC'd. Like before, everything was fine but my game pooped out. Got banned for 5 minutes because of it, is there no way to tell between a connection/game issue and a manual disconnect?

  • AngeluozxAngeluozx Member Posts: 3


    Mexico ,Ciudad de mexico

    The error happens next to the point that I can no longer play for the matchmaking ban

  • GrimdarkoGrimdarko Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2020


    North America

    4:30-4:45 AM 12/18/2021

    Was Surviving with a Friend, Map Was the Gideon Meat Plant and Randomly got kicked and got a temporary Ban which while it wasn't long it was still frustrating that I'm getting punished for something I did not do, this is the second time this has happened please fix this issue before I my unjustly earned penalties start stacking and ruining the game for me.

    My PSN ID is the same as it is on here.

  • KittyJCabooseKittyJCaboose Member Posts: 10


    Unites states, Oklahoma

    For the last 105 days. Doesn't seem to matter the time.

    Anytime I try to play, especially with my spouse. I am kicked within the first few minutes of every game. Often receive error code 500, but not always. It also always gives a disconnection penalty.

  • BihMortariBihMortari Member Posts: 2


    Brazil, São Paulo

    I'm having so much connection issues, having rollbacks or disconnect from the server.

  • Jane69Jane69 Member Posts: 1

    Why do survivors have to lose a pip if killer disconnets? We shouldnt lose a pip if anoyone other than ourselves disconnet tbh. How is this fair.

  • Real_MortReal_Mort Member Posts: 3
    edited December 2020

    For some reason mine is in some foreign language


    Michigan, US - 10:39 pm

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  • Final_GirlFinal_Girl Member Posts: 1


    Germany, 8:55 pm

    I've been getting disconnected from host errors for months now and my DC penalty timer does NOT regress at all, despite me not playing ranked in four days. I had a 1 hour ban four days ago and just now DCd again (after like 3 hours of playing without issue) and got 30 minutes ban.

    I have been having this issue for a long time and it's making it increasingly impossible to play the game. Please help me find a solution here.

  • DoctorCionDoctorCion Member Posts: 1


    Region: United States, Arkansas

    When: Wednesday, December 23, 2020, approx. 1 pm to 4 pm

    What: I'll be playing and randomly dc at the start of a match or just anywhere in the middle its very random and gives me a matchmaking penalty. I'm very sure my connection to the Internet is completely fine, I have no troubles in other games at all.

  • TheLoaLoaTheLoaLoa Member Posts: 1

    PS4 PRO - USA, IN - 12/25 - 12:00 am / 2:00 am

    Kicked from game because of "Session Ended" despite not being idle or having a BHVR account

  • Kiseki1Kiseki1 Member Posts: 1
    edited December 2020

    PC, LAS (Argentina)

    when the new patch (with the twins killers) came out i tried to open the game but a bug relationated with a chunk pack (number seven) popped, i couldn't find how to fix it so i unistalled the game and reinstalled, it looked alright but when i try to play the moment the match charges it crashes and kicks me to the lobby cause of "server desconection", it happened many times and in different hours too, i tried uninstalling it again but it didn't worked, i honestly don't know what more can i do

  • bsturtlebsturtle Member Posts: 1
    edited December 2020


    I uninstalled and re-installed DBD, but that did not help. Monday morning I updated the firmware of my router (Netgear R6220) from v1.1.0.80 to V1.1.0.106. Since then I've played several matches as killer and survivor without disconnect.


    I'm disconnected from every game after about 5 minutes of play as survivor or killer. This began around between Dec 18th and 20th. Located in the US. good internet connection/speeds. no VPN. a friend of mine plays on the same network, sometimes in the same games (SWF) on her laptop and does not have any connection issues.

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  • Just happened to me told me i escaped killer dcd i got all my points BUT i still got hit with DC penalty yet issue is on YOUR END.


  • Keep getting error message that MATCH SERVER HAS BEEN LOST. Yet im getting the penalty temporarily then when i relog in penalty is gone

  • mckittymckitty Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2

    PC. East Coast, USA. 1/2/2021 10:30AM EST. It's been happening about once per day, towards the end of a match. Usually going for an unhook/performing an action and game freezes, in-game sounds go on repeat. A few weeks ago, this would happen and I would get a crash report. Now, when it occurs I get a D/C penalty. Usually playing Nancy character, but log refers to game on the preschool map, playing survivor/Meg against Plague.

    Happened again. PC, East Coast, USA. 1/2/2021 4:10PM EST. was playing match against plague as Nancy character. End game collapse started, was crawling towards exit gate when error came up "d/c from host". End game screen showed I escaped, was awarded my 20k bloints but when matchmaking screen loaded I had the d/c penalty of 28 minutes. log included

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  • semihoeretensemihoereten Member Posts: 5


    Germany (but my Ps4's Language is English (United Sates)

    3/1/2021 18:08:02

  • semihoeretensemihoereten Member Posts: 5



    6/1/2021 00:18

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