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Awesome Perks For Killers And Survivors!

IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

Killer Perks:

Wasted time: After someone unhooks a survivor he/she will be downed.

Suicide: Unlocks the self-killing ability. Increases the efficiency of medkit-kill by %50.

Unbalanced Landing: After a survivor falls down he/she gets hindered status effect for 5 seconds and gets energetic status effect for 60 seconds. This perk cant be activated while Energetic.

Survivor Perks:

Hex: Nuir: After leaving a generator, it will self-repair with %100 of normal repair speed.

Killerstalker: You can see the killers aura while in 36 meter range.

Hex: The First Seal: After being hit, killer cant see your aura until he hits another survivor.

Note:This is all joke, do not take it seriously.


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