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What do you all call the killers of dbd?



  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 615


    Bing Bong Boi



    Huntress (sometimes replace the H with C if they're scummy)



    Hag/ Lil Haggle



    Bubba/ Leatherface


    Pig/ Piggy


    Legion/ Leegie

    Ghosty Boy


    Demo/ Demo boy/ Demo Doggy

    Zombie Cowboy/ Deathslinger

    Pyramid Head

  • animalmakanimalmak Member Posts: 388
    edited June 2020

    For the most part, their names, but some are slightly different.

    Trapper = Trappy Boi

    Myers = some variation of a yelp or “oh [BAD WORD]!” When first seeing him

    Deathslinger = Crusty Caleb

    Leatherface = Boba

    Doctor = DAHCTAH (yes, loudly), Shocky Boi

    Wraith = Bing Bong Boi

  • jibbigibblesjibbigibbles Member Posts: 42

    Doctor= shock doc, destroyer of gay

  • LewdSiesLewdSies Member Posts: 21

    Cmon guys, why is no one talking about trap daddy :<

  • FloofyHaruFloofyHaru Member Posts: 29

    Deathslinger - Nutslinger

    Pig - Piggles

    Ghostface - James

    Trapper - Man With Machete

    Wraith - Invisibitch

    Pyramidhead - Triangle Man

    Legion - The Leg

    Plague - Vommy Mommy

    That's about it really, apart from Oni, when I VS him I tend to address him as "ohh ****, he comes"

  • Vox_NocturneVox_Nocturne Member Posts: 545

    The Trapper: Evan

    The Wraith: Wraith

    The Hillbilly: Chainsaw Charley

    The Nurse: Nurse

    The Shape: Myers

    The Hag: Witch

    The Doctor: That b*****d

    The Huntress: White Rabbit

    The Cannibal: Bubba

    The Nightmare: Freddy

    The Pig: Amanda

    The Clown: Fat, Rotting Arsewipe

    The Spirit: The Pain

    The Legion: The Red Stripe Chavs

    The Plague: Adiris

    The Ghost Face: The Ten Year Old, Teabagging Tosspot

    The Demogorgon: Demi

    The Oni: Oni

    The Deathslinger: Clint

    The Executioner: Pyramid Head

  • goatslingergoatslinger Member Posts: 479

    Not nearly as cringe as thinking yourself so important that you need to comment on a thread you don't like just to let everyone know rather than scrolling on past.

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