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Queue Times Are Not Evidence of an Absence of Killers

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Just wanted to let everyone know. The only things that we know for certain affect queue times are swf and swf matchmaking. Swf need more room in a lobby so a lot of lobbies are closed off to them. Swf matchmaking begins searching at the highest rank in the party, and since roughly 50% of all survivors are swf, 50% of all survivors are searching for lobbies higher than they should be. Other factors like the ranking system, matchmaking errors, and an incorrect ratio of killers and survivors are purely speculative and so queue times are not valid evidence that these factors exist. Matchmaking could be working fine, the ranking system could be okay, and there could be a healthy ratio of killers and survivors for all we know.

Edit: For those who would rather nitpick than offer anything constructive, solos and swf have the same core matchmaking characteristics. They are both looking to join a killer's lobby and neither care whether or not the lobby has enough survivors. They only care that there aren't too many survivors, meaning larger party sizes will have a harder time finding lobbies. I thought this would be simple and already well known, but apparently y'all don't know how this works.

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