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I watched the dev stream at midnight so you don't have to!

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I'm not @Fibijean but I have yet to see their godly comments, so here's my version of the dev stream summary.

This is relating to the live QnA from Home on 14-05-20, featuring Not_Queen, Mathieu Cote, and Patrick Harris.

For some clarification, any direct quotes will be placed into quotation marks (" "), otherwise it will be my own words to summarise what was said. I'm also writing this as I watch it, so if information gets repeated that would be why. With that out of the way, here is the stream:

-The anniversary stream is on 26th May 2020. No new content was explicitly discussed in this stream. That is being saved for then I believe. Thank you to @StardustSpeedway for pointing this out.-

@MrCandyKiller - Will we ever see Devotion rewards?

There are no plans to reward Devotion levels currently, however they are looking into adding bonus rewards for prestige. "There is a design in the pipe." (Mathieu)

Several People- Will we have an option to disable anti-aliasing?

For those who don't know, AA is a technique to smooth out the pixelated edges in a 3D game. When turned on it usually looks prettier, however it has a cost to performance, and many people dislike the effect that it gives. Recently the ability to disable AA was accidentally removed. This is being worked on as we speak. Designs for menus are being worked on, and the menu system is also being redesigned for more options. Expect this in the "Not too distant future". No patches given yet. (Patrick)

@denis_ssssswwww - Any news on fixing hitboxes/hits through windows?

Yes, many hit registration issues are being looking into now. As an example, they are considering having the sever validate every hit that goes through. This should make a lot of hits a lot more fair. (Patrick)

"Hits through windows is by design. Hits through windows when you're already super far away is not." (Not_Queen)

@LeoCookie - Are there any plans for a "Story Mode" with AI?

Mobile opened this door, however DBD is still very much so a multiplayer game, and you can expect it to remain that way. (Mathieu/Patrick)

@youngkingthoj - Are you going to improve graphics and hair physics in the future?

The devs are constantly working on new improvements to graphics. Hair physics in particular have given a lot of trouble (although this is basically all games). Improvements have been made, and will continue to be made, however there are no specifics right now, although some lighting/shadow improvements are planned for the next patch. It's harder in DBD to do this than in a lot of other days, because visibility plays a massive part in DBD and they don't want to give any specific advantage/disadvantage to certain cosmetics. "We will continue to do whatever we can to make it better." (Not_Queen/Mathieu/Patrick)

@vlas1tan - Are there plans to add a Dedicated Server located in Russia?

No, there are currently no plans, although there are efforts to improve Matchmaking to work on locating players in the best possible place.

@lucasdoamaral - Are there any changes planned for Memenro Moris?

The developers don't believe moris to be perfect, and they want to fine-tune it to being perfect. It's on the list, and the design team are considering and discussing ideas, however there are no changes planned for the immidiate future. (Mathieu/Patrick)

@ACUREFORLIVING - Any updates on Quentin's face upgrade or new cosmetics for lisensed characters?

This requires many conversations between many different legal parties, and it's taking a while. There are no changes currently planned for his face. As for cosmetics for liscenced killers, they've shown they're willing and able, they know we like it, and there are high chances for them to exist in the future. There are no revealed plans. (Mathieu)

Multiple People- Have you considered a 2v8 gamemode?

It's something that comes up often, and even at the start of the game it was considered. 1v4 was decided because it was a good mix. To have a successful game, the ratio of Killers to Survivors needs to be ~1:4, and matchmaking/queue times are far from perfect. However adding an extra game mode would split the community and further exacerbate these issues. "It's always a difficult call to make, and so far we have yet to make it." (Mathieu)

There's also the issue of coming up against 16 more perks as killer, or 4 more as survivor. Things could stack in many unwanted ways, and the devs don't want these stacked up that much. (Not_Queen)

"It's a completely different game; it would probably be a super cool game, but it's a completely different game." (Also Mathieu)

Multiple People- Will there be any QOL changes for solo players?

"Yeah, kinda?" (Patrick)

The performance of SWF groups isn't that much higher than solo survivors when looking at stats, despite how it may feel. It's a concern, but not enough to be panicking. WIth the upcoming changes to matchmaking (moving to an MMR rating), it will be able to show a performance increase with SWF groups and change matchmaking ratings accordingly. They'll also be able to change matchmaking depending on your group, for a more balanced match. It's not directly targeted towards SWF vs Solo, but it will have that effect. (Patrick)

@CreepyAmateur - Why did you guys remove the switch to killer/survivor button?

This change was intentional, and back when you had to reinvite everyone back to a SWF game time and time again the button was able to be kept. However, due to a change in lobby structure, that button became very problematic, and even when alone the game acts like you're in an empty lobby with 1 spot filled and 3 spots empty. The cleanest and easiest way to fix the multitude of issues that came with this was to just remove the Change Roles button. (Patrick)

@HamletEagle - Any chance we'll see a new mori animation for older killers?

There is nothing planned for this, and ever since the hag was introduced this question has been asked. There's been discussions, however it isn't a priority. (Mathieu)

@HDwasHere - Could we get the ability to rejoin if we lose connection?

The simple answer: no. From a technical standpoint, it's already really difficult, and since the game wasn't designed with this already in mind it's nigh impossible. Especially because it takes between 3 and 5 minutes, you'd be joining a worthless lobby regardless, as the game would either be worthless to play or already be over. The DC penalties make these even worse. (Mathieu/Patrick)

Unrelated, but since the introduction of the DC penalty disconnects have been reduced by as low as 35% (it's closer to 50%), which is massive. There hasn't been that much of an increase when it comes to hook suicides. (Not_Queen/Mathieu/Patrick)

@Big_Mister_E - Are there any plans to punish facecampers?

No, there aren't. Part of how camping is intentially balanced is that it keeps killers occupied and allows survivors to do gens and totems. They admit, the strategy is bad, and can ruin games, however there will be nothing reportable. There may be rebalancing in the future to make it even less appealing, however provided game rules and TOS aren't broken, then it won't be bannable. The more limitations placed, the more funny, crazy, once in a lifetime things will also be limited. "Player Choice is important." (Not_Queen/Mathieu/Pattrick).

@YellowTrio - Will we ever be able to personalise cosmetics?

That's a direction the developers haven't decided to go with in regards to cosmetics, however they plan to give a wide variety of cosmetics so this shoudln't be an issue ever. (Mathieu)

@xBlackPanda - Will we get the option to add prestige blood to any outfit?

No, it won't happen. The blood is meant to both represent the original cosmetics of the original character, and it would be very time consuming and resource consuming to do so. (Mathieu)

@asedarake - Any plans to make killer ping visible in the lobby?

No, there are no plans to do this, although the devs see the appeal to this. The real problem that the game suffers from is that killers with high ping have "a handful of unfair advantages", and the way the devs plan to fix this is by removing these advantages. An example of how the developers are planning on doing this is through the previously-mentioned sanity checks (the servers validating all hits). (Patrick).

@Hailoh - Will licensed characters have stories in the Archives?

"They're characters. That's my answer." (Mathieu)

The devs are focusing more on original characters than licensed characters, and as of right now any characters needed to complete a challenge will be available with shards. (Not_Queen)

@HDwasHere - Can there be a score event for recovering while downed?

This has been considered. No ETA or promises, but they've considered it. (Patrick)

@AlbinoSquirrel - Have you considered making the hook struggle automatic?

This has been considered several times, and rejected. The devs want the players to feel involved, and so mashing a button helps the gameplay of fighting against the Entity and the sacrifice. They've considered changing how it works, however there are no plans for automation.

@PumpkinKing - Have you considered a stats page to show survivor & killer stats?

This is a cool idea, however there are some issues. The biggest bottlenecks are changing a lot of the UI (menus) and UX (feeling of using the UI), as well as trying to retrive stats from back in time. (Not_Queen, Mathieu, Patrick)

Multiple People - Are there plans to update underused perks?

"YES!" (Patrick)

"Every perk in the game is under scrutiny and at the risk of being changed at any moment." (Mathieu)

There's an order in which the devs want to change these perks, however. (Patrick/Mathieu)

@Superpablog - Are there plans to change WGLF to have another effect like BBQ?

"YES!" (Patrick)

@Reice - Do you think there will ever be a new survivor objective?

There are no plans to drastically change the core of the game, but there will be fun things to do. The issue here is to ensure the changes remain consistant. (Mathieu/Patrick)

@raikko7 - Are there any more changes (buffs) planned for Legion or Clown?

They're looking into clown right now, and work is currently being done. No further information though. Expect to see something before the "heat-death of the universe". (Patrick)

@FilthyQuentin - Is there any chance for survivors to have unique pasives?

This has been considered slightly, however isn't a large priority, and there are many other things they want to work on first.

@P0PG03S - Any chance to change "Slightly/Moderately/etc." to exact numbers?

They're slightly looking into it, going to change the text moderately. There's a tremendous amount, but this is a priority. It's difficult to change it all, and they want to ensure the text is equally as clear to everyone. For example, why add 10 decimal places to confuse peopel when you can communicate it with "slightly"? (Patrick)

The puns were from the dev team, not me.

@BurzoMan - Will we ever be able to buy mori animations in the store?

"Well we don't like to say 'never', but this isn't planned." (Mathieu)

@hagling - Will there ever be environmental risks in the maps?

Making maps more interactive is something the devs want to do. As they go, maps slowly become more interactive. "Who knows what could happen next." (Mathieu)

@LifeByNightlight - Are there more reqorks/balancing changes planned for rarely-used killers?

This is how they started looking into clown- because he wasn't used as often. They want to make killers more viable and interesting to everyone. "Will we be looking at rarely-used killers? Yeah, we're looking at them all the time!" (Patrick)

@EmotionalDaisy - Will Susie and Joey get their own voices?

"Not planned." (Mathieu)

@youghurtmannen - Have you considered adding characters from iconic horror games?

"Oh, you mean like Left For Dead? No, never considerd it!" (Mathieu)

In other words, yes.

@Trebor - Will each killer be getting their own unique chase music?

The plan here is to add in music for new killers. Major reworks to old killers also get these included in the pass. However there won't be a patch solely for, or largely for, adding in unique chase music for old killers. (Patrick)

@thesuicidefox - Are there any plans for a Huntress add-on pass?

There are plans, but no ETA yet. It's on the radar, but this radar goes very far into the future. (Not_Queen/Patrick)

"Sometimes there are things put on the roadmap, but things change." (Not_Queen)

Multiple People- Can we get the ability to preview different (unpurchased) pieces of outfits at the same time?

That would be great, but is not part of their priorities. (Mathieu)

Chat- Will there be more community-designed cosmetics?

Yes! There was a competition going on not so long ago, and the winners will be announced during the 4 year anniversary stream.

@bm33 - Any chance of having 2 sets of daily rituals- 3 for killers and 3 for survivors?

Yes, an overhaul is planned. Rituals currently are very killer-centric. No ETA, but considerations are being made for an entire rework.

@v3ct0r - Any update on the Rank Update Error?

No updates, the problem is really tough. The mori info collected, the better. Please submit reports after experiencing this issue here. (Patrick)

@Ps_One - Any updates on optimisation?

Optimisation is a contantly-ongoing process, and both new additions and old improvements are being optimised ASAP. Optimisation features are being looking into for everyone, but if a specific platform needs the love that isn't off the table. Sometimes the updates are small, and other times they're large. Any specific optimisation issues can be reported here. (Patrick)

@SkylarPup - Would it be possible to gift cells/cosmetics to friends?

This isn't planned, and the only solution is to send gift cards. However this is a cool idea. (Mathieu)

@Harbinger512 - Any new gestures planned for survivors?

It's very delicate to make gestures not for taunting/bullying purposes. The point in DBD was to make them minimal, hence why the point/here/squat. I'm pretty sure this one's a no, unfortunately. (Mathieu)

@Sasuke - Any plans on returning lost Legacy?

This is a recurring issue. They want to ensure Legacy is rightfully given, and want to ensure that the meaning behind Legacy is retained. This won't happen unless the devs have a solid way of checking who did and didn't have Legacy. It's not impossible, but extremely unlikely. Due a difference in tracking, this is unlikely, particularly because of the large amount of ways to cheat the system. (Not_Queen/Mathieu).

@roku1107 - Any plans to add The Nightmare and Quentin Smith to Nintendo Switch?

It's an ongoing legal battle, but in their words, "We'd love to." (Mathieu).

-Also included in the stream was special guest Donella Plastik, User Research Specalist. Basically, she plans the surveys and gains intel on the community. She's part of a team known as "Rover", who use various sources to check on how people make data-assisted decisions.

Player Satisfaction Surveys were completed because of a need to understand personal reasonings not able to be understood by stats. This is also the case for balance- things could seem balanced with analytics, however players feel a whole lot different.-

-Any edits seen are to fix grammar or misinformation.-

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