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Remove that Object of Obsession!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

I was playing Ghostface, i used my power to be STEALTH but Nea could still see me. What the heck is that? Why don't you just allow wallhack to the game? It says i am undetectable, but im actually not. That survivor saw me entire game and they were friends. So do you know what that means? Everyone knew where was I. What does a stealthy killer means when i cant be stealthy because of that freaking perk. It ruined my game and PLEASE nerf or completely remove that perk. Gen repair speed is currently too fast (its not fast, you cant slow it without old ruin); and now, everyone see my location even if i am in stealth mode. That's rubbish.

Please do not answer if you are going to ignore those repair speeds and that perk.


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