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Killer Concept: The Hazard

PassarinoTPassarinoT Member Posts: 903
edited November 2021 in Creations

Hi all! Just wanted to share my concept for a killer, very well illustrated by @JayJesterArt on Instagram! Give him a view or even follow, his work is fantastic :-)

The Hazard is a killer based around obscuring survivor's vision, and then either hunting them down stealthily under cover or igniting gaseous shelter to reveal their location and make them debilitated momentarily.

The Hazard is, hypothetically, 115% speed with a 32 meter terror radius.

Terror radius theme: https://soundcloud.com/passarino/themedemo2/s-7lKwDKPtIbP?si=4b06568d02f1410dbc9040f4c213f767

(Very outdated theme, did not do much with it. Just an idea)

Here's the general overview sheet including power and perks:

The Hazard Concept Art:

The Hazard Power: Chemcloud Casting

Able to withstand the most intoxicating fumes, The Hazard finds his way through even the thickest clouds of grotesque gases.

The Hazard’s power is a power bar that begins half charged. The Hazard’s power bar recharges at a rate of 20% per 7 seconds by default. (Total time to refill from 0%: 35 sec.)

Primary Ability - Clouds:

Upon pressing the activate ability button when the power gauge is 25% or more full, The Hazard begins to spray thick clouds of gas 12 meters in whichever direction he is facing. 

While using this ability, The Hazard’s movement speed is reduced to 100%

Using this ability burns The Hazard’s power by 20% per 3 seconds. (15 sec.)

The clouds produced by The Hazard are 8 meters in diameter, very difficult to see through, and dark grey. The clouds linger for 40 seconds. Survivors in the clouds of gas can only see 8 meters around themselves, and their vision is moderately blurred. Survivors also retain a persistent Oblivious status effect while in the clouds, lasting 20 seconds after they exit the clouds. The Hazard can see clearly 16 meters ahead of himself. While The Hazard is inside of gas clouds, his heavy gas mask breathing can be heard within 12 meters.

Secondary Ability - Lighting Up:

When The Hazard’s power bar is below 50%, the secondary ability activates. Upon pressing the secondary ability, The Hazard creates a spark, causing all gases within 2 meters to ignite and cause a chain of ignition, bursting all gases connected into a brief, fiery, explosion that deafens and applies Obliviousness to all survivors within it for 30 seconds and blinds the same survivors for 3 seconds. Any survivors caught in the explosion also scream, revealing their location. This ignition has no effect on The Hazard.

Up In Flames: There’s no escape from your wrath, even in the direst of times.

 When the final generator is completed, auras of all survivors outside of 36 meters of you are revealed to you for 10/12/14 seconds. During this period, your movement speed is increased by 2%.

Gassed: You know how to blind them with their own light.

 Every time a generator is finished, all survivors who repaired it to completion suffer from a 30/45/60 second Oblivious status effect.

Hex: Hazard Site: Reminiscent of times long gone, you take danger with you. 

You begin the trial with one generator highlighted in yellow. This generator cannot be blocked or altered by any other perks.

When your obsession begins work on any generator, that generator becomes the yellow highlighted generator and the previously highlighted one returns to normal. (Edited definition)

When a survivor is within 12/14/16 meters of this generator, their aura is revealed to you. Once they leave this area, they are exposed for 15 seconds and they scream, revealing their location.

This effect remains as long as the associated hex stands.

If you want to view his add-ons, power, and other info, here's a quick link to the file behind his concept:


Comments are enabled, feel free to let me know what your thoughts are on certain parts!

Anyways, cheers, and hope you all enjoyed!

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