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Wiggle and Struggle is a Game Breaker

FlurryMageFlurryMage Member Posts: 1

When you can't Wiggle, the killer can take you wherever they want. If you don't Wiggle PRECISELY as efficient as possible, you lose out on opportunities to escape.

When you Struggle, if you miss a button push, you can die, putting your team in a bad situation. One moment of Lag can end your Struggle, end your game, and mess up your team completely.

Dead by Daylight desperately needs a rework of these mechanics on Xbox.

It's not as 'gamey', but making it so you hold down a button to Wiggle would give you the choice to Wiggle without murdering your joystick, and would give every Survovor equal ground on escaping, which makes the game easier to calculate/balance.

Similarly, Survivors should automatically Struggle. No button-mashing. One button push would end your Struggle. This way, lag will NEVER determine if a Struggling Survivor's game ends. Players with trouble button mashing will not have to worry about letting down their team by missing a button press.

Please, what do you guys think? The struggling issue, above all others, kills my enjoyment of this game when it happens.


  • DanniephantomDanniephantom Member Posts: 1

    i agree. that and the wiggle i can never seem to wiggle out.

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