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IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

Well, these are the suggestions from me to devs. I can't know if these will make the game more balanced. Here it is:

1- Hitboxes

Of course one of these is hitboxes. I hit a survivor far away sometimes or i hit a survivor, it does not count as hit. This is one of the main bugs of the game.

2- No one escapes death

I think we can say it is one of the most used perks in the game because there is no perk to slow the game down efficiently as ruin. It makes killers wait for endgame. You can activate 2 totems instead of one.

3- Decisive Strike

I think it is awful when this perk remains active after you are healed. If you want this active, then do not heal.

4- New perk for slowing gens down

First, i hope there is a perk to do this in chapter 16. But really, Ruin was balanced. You just had to cleanse a single totem. But i think killers need a perk like that.

5- Bloodweb bugs

When I level up a character, sometimes it does not level up. Back button does not work. The only way to fix that is clicking to select a challenge button.

6- Object of obsession

This perk still activate when you face an undetectable killer. You cannot see the killer's aura, but the perk lights up. That really bothers me. You can understand which killer you are facing against. If the survivor knows i am Ghostface, he/she will play according to Ghostface. I mean, he/she will look around more to reveal me and i cannot grab him/her off a gen while he/she is more careful. Sometimes you need to silently stalk a survivor and mark them to make a good start.

That's all. They were just suggestions. I wish devs fix these. Thank you for reading.


  • metalklokmetalklok Member Posts: 632

    Yeah i feel we really need a perk that slows down gens other than the ones we have right now.Ruin is a 50/50 it might be good or it might just get busted in the first 5 mins and you cant just baby the totem then gens just get done. In my last 4 games 2 gens popped in the first 2-3 mins which just crushes my heart because it makes me feel like in super behind. Overcharge sucks against people that can hit m1, pop is really good though.

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