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Question about the upcoming ArtWork contest

MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

"You will need to be able to prove that the work you submit is your own"

Does this mean in the submission itself, or after you've been contacted? What qualifies as proof? Would a screenshot of my art's layers be good enough?

"Execution (the methods and processes used with the medium selected by entrant to create the artwork)"

I use Autodesk sketchbook so I don't exactly have mediums πŸ˜…, but would they want a separate picture of my process or do they just mean a list of things used?

"Title your entry with your name"

This is probably a dumb question, but do they mean your IRL name or your forum name? Like my submission would be titled "MiniPisa"

If someone could tag the devs or someone relevant to the contest to answer my questions that would be super nice too

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