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Thinking of making a Stat based tier list

RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,741

So I see a lot of ppl make tier lists based on their own onpinions... I appreciate the work they have done but I want to make one with a lot of different variables in place

Killers and survivors with no perks/items/addons

Killers on all maps

Killers and survivors with beginningers builds with items but no addons

Then killers and survivors with "meta builds with both no item or addons and with items and addons

All I want is a group of players on all platforms and skill sets to help me do this

Also the idea is not myown... @bobcat946732 had the idea... I play on Xbox gamertag is the same as my forum name if anyone wants to help me out.... and if any content creaters want they can help get it out to the community

I appreciate any help I get... thanks :)


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