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Killer and I disconnect and get disconnect penalty

This always happens! I depip and get locked out. Last time this happened, I had to wait for hours that I just stopped playing.

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    Dat flat screen dough.

  • susususu Member Posts: 3

    Have had similar issue as killer.

    Already reported but adding onto here too.

    It states: NETWORK CONNECTION ERROR and explains with the caption: "you can not play the game with no internet connection" which is ironic as the game is running because I have internet...I am not downloading anything either so nothing else is running on my laptop other than the game.

    I would have to have lost internet for a significant amount of time for the game to stop which is not happening my internet speed is really high and i have a strong connection, i checked after it happened instantly.

    This has happened twice now and only when i played as killer never as survivor so at first when I was ignoring it thinking perhaps its nothing, I am now starting to think it may be a bug.

    I do not know what is causing it for it to happen. It disconnects me randomly during any part of the game and exits me out of the game completely. I have lost 2 games worth of achievements so far and its getting really frustrating. I don't ever get this issue or error when i play as survivor. So its definitely starting to feel like a bug.

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