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teleporting bug on pyramid head

Don't know if this is a duplicate or not but it goes off of the invisible mori bug that has been reported. When someone has been hooked once already and they're tormented when they go down for the second time, you can cage them and the prompt for final judgement comes up. After that comes up what people seem to be doing is just immediately acting on that prompt but if you wait till the very end of the final judgement prompt then act on it the cage appears behind you in the mini mori screen then when you go back into first person you'll have teleported to that cage across the map.

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  • camdnecamdne Member Posts: 2

    Not understanding how this is a duplicate, no one on this forum has said he can teleport yet in any capacity. This isn't about his ability to instant kill it's about his ability to teleport to the cage across map.

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