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Help a dum dum out

tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,194

So I finally gained the courage to try to use the Anti-Hemorrhagic Syringe because I have no idea how to actually use it

Went into the match with it ready to be used but never had anything pop up to tell me...how. According to The Internet Dot Com, some kind of prompt should have shown up to tell me how to use it but nothing ever showed up. So I figured maybe I needed to burn the entire health kit before I could use the syringe since it burns your entire kit in one shot but nope, still nothing (didn't even have an option to use the health kit after it was used up)

So dumb it down for me, I'm on the Xbox, how do you use this stupid thing (like...pretend I'm 5 so give me the button to press and when to press it and everything)? Does it work once you have used up your entire health kit or once the health kit is gone, your chance to use the syringe is also gone? If you do use it early, does it indeed burn out your entire health kit no matter how many charges it had left? How will my teammate know I didn't just abandon them mid-healing since it looks like it takes it 16 seconds for it to work its magic?

Thank you!


  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 2,828

    It’s a secondary action button and the medkit still needs charges. It’s one of the top buttons when I played on PS4.

  • SassySteveMainSassySteveMain Member Posts: 4

    You need to press the skill check button but before a skill check appears

  • FixDBDPlsFixDBDPls Member Posts: 87

    The syringe consumes your med-kit instantly when you use it, your teammates will have a marker next to their perks that shows them that they are affected by the syringe and it is timed as well (they can see how much time until they will recieve the heal). Usually people heal with the medkit as much as possible until it has only a little bit left in it, then they pop the syringe (be careful, if you change your health-state while you are affected by the syringe you will not recieve the heal, this is in the description of the syringe also). To get the prompt you need to initiate the healing action and a button will appear on your screen and it will give you the option to activate the syringe (i dont know the button on Xbox, i play on PC, but you need to initiate the heal with the medkit first) GL

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343
    edited May 2020

    First of all, you need to use it while healing yourself or someone else. When you use it, it will not only deplete all the charges on the medkit but the entire thing will disappear. Because you need to be healing someone with the medkit in order to use it, you can't use it once the medkit has lost all its charges, but you'll still lose the syringe at the end of the game like you would any other add-on.

    The way you use it is by pressing a button during healing. By default, this should be the same button you use for skill checks, but you can't use the syringe during a skill check. When you activate the syringe, your medkit will disappear and the healing action will automatically be cancelled, and the affected survivor (whether it's you or a teammate) will get a syringe icon in the bottom-right of their screen with a cooldown timer on it. Once the timer runs out, they will be healed automatically. If they get hit by the killer during that time, the heal will be cancelled.

    It takes 16 seconds to heal by default, but the speed is also affected by any healing perks the user (that is, the person who activated the syringe, not the person it was used on) may have active, such as We'll Make It or Botany Knowledge.

    I hope that covers everything - feel free to ask if you have any more questions!

  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,194

    OK, so my understanding is...

    1. It's the same button as a skill check (so Left Bumper) but it does not have a prompt or a skill check (although FixDBDPls said it has a prompt, maybe that's just on the PC or maybe somehow I just missed it)
    2. You have to click LB before the skill check pops up (or at least click it when there is not a skill check actively happening)
    3. The survivor gets some kind of an indicator on their screen with a clock to let them know they will be healed in X time so I haven't abandoned you, you're getting healed
    4. The health kit has to have some kind of charge left in order for you to use the syringe. No health kit equals no syringe


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