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PTB is not showing up on steam

I cant access the PTB through steam, i go into properties, betas and when i click the drop down menu it says there are no betas to opt into

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Not a bug · Last Updated

The PTB was closed.


  • GoldenSpiderGoldenSpider Member Posts: 4

    Sorry more info i forgot, I restarted steam and my computer still nothing, the issue started after I had managed to opt into it and downloaded it, but right when the download completed it went back to the regular DBD and now it says no PTB is availible

  • GoldenSpiderGoldenSpider Member Posts: 4

    update, completely reinstalled DBD, while installing it said it was installing the PTB, but when it finished it was the regular game and again steam said there was no betas to opt into

  • WackyspiderWackyspider Member Posts: 8

    Happening to me too, don't know whats up

  • Zed32Zed32 Member Posts: 1

    Me too

  • marcadudemarcadude Member Posts: 1

    Me and my boyfriend are running into the same issue. I was in the PTB yesterday when he couldn't access it, and as soon as I got off, it disappeared.

  • GoldenSpiderGoldenSpider Member Posts: 4

    If the PTB was closed then why was there no annoucment of it being closed and why was it only open for 3 days?

  • BraveClemBraveClem Member Posts: 332
    edited June 2020

    Same,it's weird,the PTB lasted only 4 days,And it dissapears without an announcement from the devs first

    @Peanits @not_Queen @PatBrutal Please, What happened with the PTB?

    Edit:Oh ok,It was offcially closed

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