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Advanced tips for the Wraith at Rank 1

WeskerWesker Member Posts: 240

We have got really good survivors in this match and we struggle as the Wraith becouse of his lack of counters to all the survivors common strategies, huh? No problem buddy, here's an advanced guide to win as one of my favorite killers even without add-ons and offering. Just read here and you're fine:
1. Always uncloack being covered in a corner. Uncloack takes enough time to allows survivors to run at the palette, but you can confuse them by unclocking in a corner and eventually they will run in the wrong direction.
2. If you see a survivor about trying to reach a pallet or a window and you're cloacked, don't uncloack. Most Wraiths commit this mistake. Keep cloacked, surpass them first, bodyblock the window/or the palette, then uncloack: free hit.
3. If you notice that you're against tryhard survivors and you're struggling a lot at playing fair, patrol a cluster of generators near the basement, and when you down a survivor, hook him there and try to snowball the team with hardcore camping. If they are overconfident but you are smart, you can get a 3man or a 4man, potentially, and a lot of salt (obviously).
4. Never let anyone tell you how you should to play as the killer, especially by your opponents. If you're struggling becouse pallet looping and gen rushing, always try to snowball camping someone hooked in the basement, or someone hooked close to almost repaired generators, is the same thing. Remember that the Wraith suffers a lot tactics like looping or gen rushing, so you will find yourself in most scenarios with 2 gens left and 1 Claudette that t-bag you at the other side of a safe pallet with a flashlight, this will happen especially in wide open maps with an ocean of safe pallets like the Autohaven Wreckers or the Coldwind Farm. Don't bother about the sentence "[BAD WORD] camper git gud". Camping is profit in this situations!
5. Oh, yeah, and the flashlights. When you are cloacked, you can be flashlight-stunned easily. If all the survivors are carrying flashlights, dodge the lobby. If they do the last-second switching and start blinding all the match, you have no choice but only camp, or you are going to lose anyway.

My current build to deal with red ranks:
Enduring - Brutal Strength - Hex: Ruin - Hex: Noed.

I usually run Ebony Mori and the add-on that grants me a brief insane speed boost to deal with good teams, but you can win sure even without these things. Good luck in the fog buddies :chuffed:

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