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A basic guide for good survivors!

A basic guide to good survivors!

Hello! This is the guide of the good survivor! In this guide I will teach you how to be a friendly survivor but also a non-toxic survivor.

The basic objective of the survivor is: to escape the match alive, because death is not an escape!

The secondary objectives are:

- to help his teammates in trouble;

-to clean totems;

-to heal alone or on teammates;

-to hide from the killer (only in some situations such as: the last survivor is about to die and the killer is heading in your direction; the killer is close to you; your teammate has been put on the hook, and you are next to the killer )

-to keep the killer as busy as they can, without upsetting him in any way, so that his teammates can repair the generators.

We turn our attention to the main goal, which is to get out of the match, alive. It would be recommended that all 4 survivors escape the game alive. To escape from the match there are 2 ways: on the gates and through the hatch.

1. Exit through the gates:

it is done by repairing 5 generators, occasionally if the killer closed the hatch, you can open the doors without making the remaining generators (if all 3 survivors died and you were left alone)

The generators have a skill check repair system, which you have to be very careful about because if you don't hit the skill check, the killer will be notified by the direction of the generator you are at, because the generator makes a small explosion.

The skill check

The generators can be repaired from 1 to 4 survivors simultaneously at the same generator.

There are perks that increase generator speed (for survivors) but also perks that decrease generator speed (for killer). When you repair the generator and the status bar that shows you the status of the generator is yellow, the generator has a high speed and if it is red, then the generator has a low speed.

After all the generators have been made, you can open one of the two gates or even both, but watch out for endgame collapse. When a gate is open then endgame collapse occurs, this being a time bar, if you did not leave the match until the bar reaches the end, then the entity will kill you.

The time bar

The entity

2. Through the hatch

To escape through the hatch there are 2 ways:

- you being the last survivor left alive;

- with the help of a key.

The hatch when it opens has the sound of a harp to know where to look.

The hatch


A good survivor must know how to heal.

Healing can be done:

-healing alone (with the help of med-kits or certain perks ,ex: SELF CARE.)

- mutual healing.

Always help your teammates in trouble and have fun!

Always be kind to each other, regardless of your role (killer or survivor), religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity. We are all human and if we spread goodness, we will receive goodness! See you in the fog!

--------------------------------------------------------------End of guide------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Remember that this is a basic guide and does not include all the details of the game, because the game is very special and complex. I tried to include in this guide only the basic things a survivor needs to do to be a good survivor! It's my first guide ever made so I hope I did it!

I want to thank the dead by daylight team because they always manage to pleasantly surprise us! Happy 4th year anniversary and Happy pride month to all of you! Take care of yourself there in the fog! All of you! I LOVE Y'ALL!!🖤


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