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Discussion: What Perks Do You Want Updated?

icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 138

With another set of 3 survivor perks and 3 killer perks coming into the game, we will be at a grand total of 80 survivor perks and 72 killer perks. However, many of these perks go unseen and/or unused due to how limited they are, whether it be the perks are too situational or they are too ineffective. What perks do you want updated? For me, I would like Slippery Meat, Buckle Up, Cruel Limits, and Beast of Prey to be updated. I think these perks and many more can use some tweaks to become better and more appealing for players to use.


  • BiggsBiggs Member Posts: 286

    yep from killer side around 60 % are utterly useless 20 % kinda situational or You reall have to commit whole build only for that one perk and rest of those are mostly used becasue they are just good and doesnt have bilions of restrictions like devs love to do now.. they give you cool perk and brutally destroy them immediately with heavy restrictions so its useless from day 1.. but honestly no hope for devs to change this.. just look for demo perks, hes perks are utter trash and hes in game how long ? will be 9th month ? so they dont care :) but no worries they will tell you that they see that and they are on that and its their prioritiy yeah.. :D

    and another thing they take useless perk and BUFF it to not to be such utter useless perk anymore.. or what they love to do is brutally nerd perk and throw it to - sorry guys it was just bug there you go its fixed :D

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