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Tome 3 Level 3 finished - Overview

DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,852

Just finished the challenges on third level and want to summarize again. I would love to see some of your experiences to see if you have more or less problems with the challenges. Also when you can't remember the details entirely, only when you think parts of what I list reflect your experiences or are massively different.

I'm a bit astonished that it is already done, because it felt more grindy than level 2, but actually I needed less time and games than the average 2 hours / 6 games per day requested.

So my worst challenge was the 20 gold emblem challenge. I needed 11 games for that, got once each 4 emblems, 3 emblems, 1 emblem and 0 emblems, the other games were 2 emblems. This was like the worst streak of failed games I ever had, as long as I can remember o.O


In total I needed 25 hours (including idle time, spending bloodpints, building builds) or 72 games. That is a bit less than 3 games per hour and spread among the 3 weeks that are given to complete, I could have finished the third level with an average of 1.2 hour of playtime per day. On level 1 and 2 I needed 2 hours on average.

I got 15,6 rifts for that level (which does not contain the remaining daily XP I would get for first survivor/killer in the next week) which means I got less than the 1 rift per day requirement, but that is caused by the fact that I finished the challenges faster than expected. With the remaining days, to reach the 2 hour average, I would at least get to 19 rifts, slightly less than required.

Regarding the game count, with like 3 games per hour and 2 hours per day required as average, there should be 126 games available to finish the challenges. So I needed roughly 60% of that.

  • 7 challenges finished with 1 attempt
  • 4 challenges finished with 2 attempts
  • 3 challenges finished with 3 attempts
  • 0 challenges finished with 4 attempts
  • 5 challenge finished with 5 attempts
  • 0 challenge finished with 6 attempts
  • 1 challenges finished with 7 attempts
  • 1 challenges finished with 11 attempts

Making a total of 72 games, which is 3,5 games per day, if you spread them over 3 weeks. So this seems like it is easier to finish the challenges on time, but as it has the same amount of challenges and master challenges, you get less rift rewards to progress the rifts. And it seems the extra week is a bit too less to get to the 21 rifts in total within the average expected time. Although I can't say if it is designed properly and intended, because I got above average rifts per day on the first two levels, so I might be on track in total, considering the challenge playtime only.

Here the attempts I needed for each challenge.

Have fun, and if someone needs help on specific challenges, fell free to ask for tips


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