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It's worth comeback now? No play since 2019 May

JAZC_CRJAZC_CR Member Posts: 207
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I don't play since may 2019 cause of bad designs of map, bad DEVS, and innecesary nerfs/buff, this game still survivor side? I see one nerf for nurse, jesus that ruins her so bad, a cooldown on fer skill, what do u think ?

It's worth comeback?

PD:I play both sides, killer and survivor but more survivor with my friends.

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  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 3,043

    I'd wait until that new matchmaking system is out. Current one is too much of a pain to deal with imo. But if you don't mind that I personally think DbD is in a way better spot than it was a while ago.

  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 2,744

    I would say if you were a killer main come back it's better if you were a survivor main run for your life solo is actually hell now.

  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917

    Come back if u want, but don't play at red ranks as killer because is a nightmare, purple green ranks are fun and balanced imo

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

    If you are expecting the game to be a walk in the park, then dont come back, never do.

    The biggest changes you will notice are

    • Introduction of 5 new killer (plague, ghostface, demogorgon, oni, deathslinger)
      • plague - pukes
      • ghostface - stalks
      • demogorgon - portals and large lunge
      • oni - rechargable billy with better flick
      • deathslinger - harpoon gun
    • Major rework of 2 killers
      • Freddy - now teleports to gens and can place snares that slow down survivors
      • Doctor - his passive madness field is gone and is replaced with static blast, he does not need to change stances anymore
    • Legion got nerfed and then buffed
    • Nerfs for 2 killers
      • Spirit - No longer has collision, prayer beads and some other add-ons were nerfed as well
      • Nurse - her blinks now have a recharge and most of her add-ons were nerfed
    • Sabo got reworked
    • instaheals are gone
    • god loops are gone
    • Ruin got reworked

  • JAZC_CRJAZC_CR Member Posts: 207

    wao so many new stuff out there, are any new tier S killer there? i feel bad for nurse, was my main in 2019, what happened to SWF? i hear many time a go they gonna nerf or something, devs do something? what about new survivors?

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,267

    It's better. You can try it and see for yourself.

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118

    Stay in the low levels, and you won't deal with most of the toxicity.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,213

    The game is never going to be perfect, I don't think anyone expects that. But I think the devs are trying their best to improve the game at least and there has been many changes since last you played. So I'd say give it a try, if you like it then stay.

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 2,428

    I have to agree with others in that I would wait until the new matchmaking system is released this month. Right now the ranking system is a hot mess. For example I'm a rank 7 survivor yet I constantly get matched against level 15 killers. On the flip side I'm a level 13 killer that constantly gets matched against purple and red rank survivors. Because of this it's more nerve-wracking to play killer than it is survivor which is just sad.

  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 726

    S tier nah (still nurse S+, billy/spirit S) but some more A(freddy/oni)

    they forgot to add: WELCOME ON DEDICATED SERVERS now as huntress you will hit someone that is behind wall and miss someone in front of you :)

    about SWF nothing much changed(quality of life buffy), and soloQ feels even worse than before(so survs are pushed into SWF to not have braindead teammates)

    Matchmaker is in worst state it has ever been so wait for new matchmaker because as rank 19 you can get full red rank lobby. But when i play survivor im always asking myself "which rank is it" and do you know what? most killers i thought are green rank were red rank.

    And fun fact, now most of licensed characters have skins to buy (rip LF, freddy, quentin, bill)

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