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Suggestion to change "The Ghost Face" to "The Stalker"

In DBD every killer is called "The ...", for example "The Nurse", "The Hag" etc. It's just "The" and one more word to describe the killer. Even licensed killers qualifies for this, but they are not called by their full name, for example:

Michael Myers is not called "The Michael Myers", it's just "The Shape" - which is an alternate name for Myers.

Leatherface is not called "The Leatherface", it's just "The Cannibal" - which is the definition of what he does as a killer.

Freddy Krueger is not called "The Freddy Krueger", it's just "The Nightmare" - which is the definition of who Freddy is.

Amanda Young is not called "The Amanda Young", it's just "The Pig" - which is the identity of Jigsaw's agents.

Demogorgon is called "The Demogorgon" which is fine, bcs this creature is not called Demogorgon, that's just how kids from the show named it and it stays that way. He could also be called for example "The Monster" or "The Creature" but as I mentioned before "The Demogorgon" is fine as it is.

Even the upcoming new killer from Silent Hill (Pyramid Head) is not called "The Pyramid Head" it's just "The Executioner" - bcs of all that judgement and punishment stuff etc.

So now tell me, why our own DBD's Ghostface/Ghost Face (both forms are correct, but I think the first one is more associated with Scream movie franchise and it's killer/killers, the other one is more associated with just the mask made by Fun World) is called "The Ghost Face"? In my and many other people's opinion this doesn't fit DBD. We all know it's Ghostface/Ghost Face, we recognize him by his iconic mask, you don't need to remind us about who is he. Ofc the character behind the mask (Danny Johnson) was created by the DBD devs and has nothing to do with characters from Scream movie franchise. I think his in game name should be changed from "The Ghost Face" to "The Stalker" bcs it fits him very well. Danny stalks his victims before killing them. He waits for the perfect moment to do it. You can also read it in his lore, that he doesn't eat or sleep so he can spend more time stalking his victims. Dear DBD devs if any of you are reading this, please consider my suggestion and discuss it with the full team. I love your game and I want to make it even better by helping you and pointing out little things just like this one, that matter to many people.


  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,586

    I think we are having this conversation a year too late. The name The Ghost Face is here to stay i can't imagine them changing it people complained about this during his ptb even and no change.

  • MrCandyKillerMrCandyKiller Member Posts: 41

    I think if they do change it, many people wouldn't even note it, but it would make many others happy (those who would note it ofc)

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,061

    It might be that way because it's "their" version of the killer.

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