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Is BHVR ever gonna fix poorly designed maps no one likes?

DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 704

The game and haddonfield are such poorly designed maps none of the sides like and enjoy playing on them,the game is a really killer sided map,and even for the killer is an unfun map to play,haddonfield is an extremely survivor sided map that's boring for survivor and abysmall for killer,I dont think indoor maps only should have ever been a thing in dbd,the closest should have been the new Silent Hill dlc map,that has both indoor and outdoors.I legit think they should disable these 2 maps along with hawkins laboratory until they properly balance them.


  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,153

    Also you are wrong about the game. I like it (both as killer and survivor), therefore its not a map noone likes.

  • DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 704

    I cannot wait for the day the game and haddonfield get the change they need,the other maps are nowhere near as unbalanced as those 2.

    I like their design too yeah,but they are nowhere near as balanced as the majority of the maps.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873
    edited June 2020

    Dead Dawg Saloon better get a change eventually... That map is the bane of my existence. It's boring and sucks for both sides. It looks great, but the map gameplay-wise is terrible for both sides.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    The Game is great actually, I love it as both sides. If you gain distance and loop it correctly, it can be really fun for survivors, but if you play it right as killer, it can be fun for killer. It's a very even map.

  • Deadman316Deadman316 Member Posts: 578

    Haddonfield is a pretty good map, I think. Badham Preschool is terrible though. I'm not a fan of The Game neither, it's a rough map to navigate through.

  • DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 704

    The fact people think the game and haddonfield are good maps in their current state is just sad

  • DwinchesterDwinchester Member Posts: 961

    I don't understand the hate behind haddonfield and Hawkins. I do ok on haddonfield as killer, it could use a couple of tweaks to the fences, but overall, it's not terrible.

    Now the badham maps on the other hand, I hate them worse than Ormond. You've got an incredibly powerful central building with two God pallets, long fences, the house of pain with two God pallets, the killer shack, a house with a powerful window, and numerous safe pallets around cars.

  • bingbongboi90bingbongboi90 Member Posts: 573

    I feel like rottenfields is one of the more poorly designed maps.

    Remove 80% of the corn and replace it with some interesting loops,buildings.

    I like my eyes and walking in corn is a stab in the eye.

  • ayayaayaya Member Posts: 163

    I'll take it any time over Shelter Wood's. I hope that they gonna simply delete that map instead of trying to fix it.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,153

    Well, then tell us whats wrong with the game in your opinion.

    I like it as survivor, because the lower level is a maze full of line-of-sight-blockers. And while i cant loop, i am at least ok at juking. Its very easy to lose most killers there, because the majority dont know how to play the map correctly.

    If i play killer, i like stealth killer like wraith and meyers. Both become great if you dont see them coming from afar.

    As survivor, you just have to remember to take the chase to the lower level, and only occasionly go to the upper one for a pallet stun or such.

  • uBoluChauBoluCha Member Posts: 121

    i love haddonfield when i'm using trapper which mean if i put trap on balcony it's can't be disarmed

    and for the game.... that's really killer sided but for UE player it's a good map sometimes i'm lose the killer while in chase (except doctor)

    so there's a map that a certain killer bad at and good at.

  • Golden_spiderGolden_spider Member Posts: 567

    Shelter Woods desperately needs a redesign.

    Zero unique structures. (Rotten Fields also has this problem but it spawns Harvesters and the Pig Tree which is at least something along with the generic Jungle Gym tiles)

    VERY open map. (Rotten Fields too but at least corn makes it so you can't see halfway across the map.)

    The tree in the middle is a massive dead zone with nothing around it.

    It really needs to be high priority on reworking maps once they finish adjusting maps with problematic structures/layouts.

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