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ANILLGlANILLGl Member Posts: 1

我看完一部叫致命弯道的电影,我想跟黎明杀机的制作组说我这一想法,我想麻烦制作组们做一个致命弯道联动的dlc,在致命弯道2中,让我留下了一个深刻的印象,这部电影讲述的是来自各行业的人聚在一树林里玩求生模拟比赛,比赛是在树林里寻找食物以及逃生警报器,关上即可加分的游戏,就在这群参与比赛的他们,没想到树林里面对他们的有一怪人家族,这家族里又杀人为食物的一家子,就是这一家子里有一杀手让我留下了深刻印象,这杀手主要是用箭来射击逃生者们,在此 我就想如果黎明杀机多出这样的屠夫会是什么一种体验,如果在游戏中,我想这位杀手是一位资深的射手,主要技能:就是拿这弓箭射向逃生者,至于电影里还有一逃生我也想让她加入游戏中,这逃生者就是最后逃出的哪位小姐姐,她开始遇见这家子人前是惧怕恐惧的,由于队友都被杀手杀掉,带着愤怒的她,后来不再惧怕,斗志斗勇的战胜了杀手!下面图片由逃生者小姐姐的图片。


  • felipao_brabofelipao_brabo Member Posts: 169

    Whimsical thoughts, from the deadly corner of the movie want to put forward new ideas for the dawn killer

    After I watched a movie called Deadly Corner, I want to tell my idea to the production team of Dawn Killer. I want to trouble the production team to make a deadly corner linked dlc. In Deadly Corner 2, let me I was deeply impressed. This movie is about people from all walks of life gathered in a woods to play a survival simulation game. The game is to find food in the woods and escape the alarm, and turn off the game to add points. In this group of people who participated in the competition, they didn’t expect that there was a strange family in the woods, and this family also killed people for food. It was a killer in this family that impressed me. This killer mainly used Arrows to shoot the escaped people, here I think what kind of experience would it be if the dawn killer had more such butchers, if in the game, I think this killer is a senior shooter, the main skill: take this The bow and arrow shot at the escaper. As for the escape in the movie, I also want her to join the game. This escaper is the last sister who escaped. She was afraid before she started to meet this family. The killer killed her with anger, and later no longer feared, she defeated the killer with fighting spirit! The picture below is a picture of the escaped sister.nger feared, she defeated the killer with fighting spirit! The picture below is a picture of the escaped sister.

  • Demogordon_RamsayDemogordon_Ramsay Member Posts: 1,503

    I'm posting this under the assumption that this post was written in Chinese.

    This section of the forums is primarily filled with people who speak English. Though there are very likely people here who can speak, read, and understand Chinese, you will be much more likely to find Chinese-speaking individuals in the Chinese subforum, which you can find in the "Other Languages" directory at the bottom of any given webpage.

  • lordtomatolordtomato Member Posts: 204

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