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IceryIcery Member Posts: 199
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Thats a gem in the logo of Dark Bonds. I coudnt draw Internal disorders logo.

I changed the perks similar to your ideas.Added some new things of course.

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  • IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

    not seconds, its second. I made a mistake in Internal disorder.

  • ErkErk Member Posts: 230

    These are actually decent perks !

  • IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

    Thank you. I actually thought "Why there are only one perk about items?".

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,466
    edited June 2020

    Not really, the gen one is useless. 4% increases the time from 80 seconds to 83.2 seconds.

    The other ones are interesting but pretty situational, but i like that they are opposites. Generally you'd take the chest one if they survivors bring no items, and you'd take the other if they bring a bunch of items.

  • IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

    Yes, but if they are working on the same gen; this will apply to every survivor so you get maximum %12 decrease.

  • 5thPerkSlot5thPerkSlot Member Posts: 395

    I like, not too usefull, not too OP, but EGP needs to be HEX

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,466

    That's still not enough. Keep in mind that survivors on the gen suffer a 15% penalty right? So if you had say this perk, this is what it would do

    1 survivor: goes from 80 seconds to 83.2 seconds

    2 survivors: goes from 47 seconds to 52 seconds

    3 survivors: goes from 31 seconds to 36 seconds

    4 survivors goes from 24 seconds to 29 seconds

    At most this perk saves you 5 seconds, if all 4 survivors are on the gen. And that's not enough to make any difference.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,860

    Dark bond: its quite weak, if item drop, survivors will pick up it right away if not being chased. The % is weak too.

    May be survivor drops and have Entity lock the items prevent to pick up for 10sec.

    ID: no effect should be permanent, Dying light stop when obsession dies, Thanaphobia stop when all healed, Cursed stop when Hex destroyed, Corrupt intervention stays for 2min ect. The number eventhough weak, but it should not be permanent

    . I have this wild idea, but here it is.

    • 4 Survivors alive: 75% Gen speed on each survivor (total speed 400% to 300%)
    • 3 Survivors alive: 133% Gen speed on each survivor (total speed 300% to 400%)
    • 2 Survivors alive: 200% Gen speed on each survivor (total speed 200% to 400%)
    • 1 Survivor alive: 300% Gen speed on each survivor (total speed 100% to 300%) - this is pointless though.

  • Popcornchicken11Popcornchicken11 Member Posts: 110

    I feel like claim your prize should be just base in game, it would shake up chests more other than hold m1, get a free random item.

  • IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

    It is not permanent and your idea is better actually.

  • lunatehumanlunatehuman Member Posts: 15


  • BlazeNightashBlazeNightash Member Posts: 230

    None of these perks are useful, Items arn't really op minus keys and taking perks that help get rid of items are often the weakest, sure its good for a meme trolly build but for actual usefulness 0, The gen one seems #########? is it suggestioning that they do gens faster the less people they have whats the point of that and the only trade off is slightly harder skill check and slower gen speed at 3 survs, which is only a few seconds, Skill checks on gens and healing arn't hard unless you make them like really small like with overcharge does, just a list of useless perks really.

  • IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

    Is it a coincidence that Franklin's Demise will get a update like Dark Bonds' last line?

  • EpicBigBrainEpicBigBrain Member Posts: 177

    Just from the title I thought you meant killers should only have 3 perk slots 😂😂

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    The only one I see being commonly used is Internal Disorder and it does look like an old Ruin replacement.

    I also don't see survivors utilising the 200% bonus at all as they're more likely to just go for the hatch. The 110% will annoy a lot of killers when it helps clutch out a match, especially with perks like Resilience being a thing.

    Survivors are going to complain about it a lot, especially in the lower ranks as generators there take forever.

  • IceryIcery Member Posts: 199

    Franklin's Demise is a lot like Dark Bonds rn.

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