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Claudette Morel crochet doll - by Airi_Rin

Airi_RinAiri_Rin Member Posts: 17
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A little story about how I get there:

When I read about the contest I thought about what I could crochet that represents the game. I was in a match with some friends and then I remembered... Who is the most popular in the game? Sure it is Claudette! I think everyone has a love hate relationship with her, but as a quote here in Brazil says: "Talk good things or bad things, but talk about me.". I heard about Claudette even before I start playing the game. I know that if a player see that doll, they will instantly recognize her. That's why I choose the Dead by Daylight's queen to be crocheted for this contest!


Since we are in quarantine, it was a little hard to find everything I needed but happily I could find it. Unfortunately I couldnt find the right color for the shoes, that is a darker red, but I did the best I could with what I could find. As every crochet work I used some yarns, crochet hooks (crochet and dbd have somethinkg in common heh) and needle. For the glasses, key and details, I used aluminum wire.

Just some observations:

I took more than 13 hours doing it (and I used a sofa as my workspace so it was kind of exclusively mine for these days since its full of crochet stuff). The body's pattern was created by Viviane Retroia. As my vision is not that good and my screen either, I dont know how exactly the key looks like, so I just did an "ordinary" key (or something like that). And yes, the background is my notebook screen. I tried to make something like she was in the game but as my printer is weird today I had to use the screen. (I also added my forum login in the picture, since I forgot to wrote in a paper before taking the picture ;-;)

Well, I guess that's all I wanted to say. At first I was confusing about participating or not, but seeing the result I'm really happy that I accepted that challenge. I hope everyone likes it as I did.

*Edit: I forgot to put her size. She's about 25cm.

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