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Amigurumi crochet doll collection! 13 survivors + 6 killers by MinahAmigurumi

MinahAmigurumiMinahAmigurumi Member Posts: 5
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Hello it's Minah!

Here i submit my collection of Dead by Daylight amigurumi dolls that i have made over the past months.

I really love this game and it's community, and being able to share my creations with you all makes me so happy!

I'm a selftaught crocheter and I started to learn crochet around 2016 after I got inspired by some cute handmade curtain dolls. So i gave it a try and now after 4 years I improved a lot and started to make dolls of my favorite games and anime characters.

About the dolls:

The idea of my collection is that each doll is customisable. Each doll is unique, since its handmade and not factory made. This means that even if i recreate a doll it will always look different in a way. 

I try to make sure that each doll resembles the character in the game as much as possible. Because the game offers different skins for each character, many options such as: the head, shoes, pants, skirt, t-shirt, jackets, etc are customisable. In most of the dolls the apparel and the head are removable. This makes it possible to swap things with other dolls, so for example a spirit with shoes can be funny to see ^^. It also makes it possible to turn the head to a different direction. Each doll has a skeleton inside made with wire, so the arms, legs, body and neck are moveable. Like this the dolls can for example sit or make different kind of gestures. Some doll can also have fingers like the Basic Yui doll which i added nails color.

Sometimes i create items like the flashlight or weapons like a knife which the doll can keep in the hands. I didnt had the chance to make all the accessory. It's basically like a collection of barbiedolls/lego which provides the same option of customisation but in crochet.

I also made it possible for the dolls to be used as a keychain, so it can be aside on my bag everyday! My wish is to one day make all characters with different cosmetics.

The dolls size are 4.33 inch / 11 cm.


-crochet hooks 

-safety eyes-polyester filling 

-mercerised cotton (for the body/head, clothes) 

-acrylic whool(hair)

-wire (for the skeleton in the body, glasses)

-felt (clothes, details, mask, eyes, items, weapons)

-paint (blood, details, eyes(spirit), nails (yui))


It takes around 2-3 days to create one dead by daylight amigurumi doll, depending on the amount of details. For example the Bunny Feng took me 2 full days of crafting (of course i spread the hours per day, i usually

work around 3+ hours a day). So yes, it is a lot of time and effort i put into the dolls, but its worth it. I create my own patterns for the dolls.

I want to thank BHVR for this fantastic game and thank you to this awesome community for all the amazing support! <3

Good luck to everybody contesting, you all do such wonderful creations!

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