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Oni Bug

sensualsatansensualsatan Member Posts: 92

Platform: PC-Steam

Killer: The Oni

Perks: Corrupt Intervention, BBQ & Chili, Infectious Fright, Monitor & Abuse

Map: Rotten Fields

I downed someone, hooked them, and started moving very slow and sporadically. I couldn't use my power to either initiate Blood Fury or absorb Blood Orbs. I also noticed that the survivor I had hooked was stuck in the hooking animation. I also couldn't vault windows or break pallets. I downed another survivor with my basic attack and the issue seemed to resolve itself when I picked up. The pickup animation started and cancelled, but when I tried it a second time, the game let me pick up the survivor and hook them without any issues. This specific bug has occurred 2-5 times in the past month of playtime. I believe there was a similar bug with Infectious Fright that caused a survivor to become unable to be unhooked and their life bar wouldn't decrease, forcing them to disconnect.

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  • BÆYKUSBÆYKUS Member Posts: 31

    Hey , i don't know its a main bug for Oni but i got a (kinda) similar bug too.I write it down too if you want you can look.I was on the survivor side tho so idk if its %100 similar.

  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 899

    If you pick the survivor up while your power is 99% it will absorb blood out of nowhere maxing it out and not allowing you to use your power as well. I didnt try to vault or anything but im sure that is also part of the same issue. @KhaineGB

  • kosmikosmi Member Posts: 363

    Same happend to me, perks i used were bbq, pop, infectious and M&A. After hiting surv twice my power need like one blood orb for filling the bar and it filled it self after few sec but i was not abble to activate it. Also there is some bug with vaulting, as i played legion i could not vault window surv did every time i tryed i was pushed back.

  • NegativeZENNegativeZEN Member Posts: 17

    Just had this happen to me on PS4. 99% blood rage, picked up survivor, hit 100% blood rage and for the rest of the match I could not activate blood rage.

  • OblivionTVOblivionTV Member Posts: 1

    Same bug just occured to me:

    Map: Macmillan Estate

    Build: Corrupt Intervention, BBQ, Monitor & Abuse, Infectious Fright

    System: PC

    Hooked a survivor, absorbed blood to power 99%, suddenly couldn't absorb more blood / activate power - hooked another survivor - didn't go away for the rest of the game...

  • EynoxEynox Member Posts: 72

    I've had the same bug, constantly happens. M2 seems to be broken for a lot of the game. I hope they fix it. I've just started leaving games as a killer. So over it.

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