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Frequency of new map?

WolfvenWolfven Member Posts: 24


Been playing about 15 games so far and no new map.

Is it normal or just bad RNG?

Thank you.


  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 5,832

    That's some awful rng lol- I played a load yesterday till like 12:45am and I got it almost 1 in 3 games.

    I'm not complaining, I love the map.

  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 1,199

    Terrible RNG, made worse by the fact they always buff its odds the first couple weeks.

  • KaijuKaiju Member Posts: 460

    I played it literally non-stop without an offering. Jeez i hate that map

  • Darkside84Darkside84 Member Posts: 36

    I played 6 games last night, 1 as PH and 5 survivor games and didn't get to see the new map either. It's just bad luck on our end.

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