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The New Patch Made The Game Infuriatingly Broken, and Here's The List to Prove It.

RockoRangoRockoRango Member Posts: 554
edited June 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions
  • Survivors now make no sound while doing ANYTHING unless it’s an action (such as vaulting or repairing)
  • Survivors no longer turn their heads to the direction their looking, making it impossible to know if they have Dead Hard until they hit you with it.
  • The new map is extremely broken and frustrating. It’s easy to win on, but it’s still extremely frustrating when I literally can’t move down a hallway because objects (like the hallway with a bunch of goo on one side of the wall) block me from blinking/moving.
  • Most maps have had their sounds removed relating to survivor movement.
  • No sounds while on the ground is now not just a ‘chance’, it now always happens.
  • Killer lunges are broke on the survivor side, as certain killers seem to play a short lunge animation when they’re really doing a long one (causing hits that don’t look like they connect). This also applies vise-versa, where you think you hit the survivor but instead you do a short whiff.
  • Grabbing is now more consistent on the Killer side, but is extremely broke on the survivor side. You can be on the other side of a pallet, hit the ground, and still be grabbed. This feels douchy.
  • Clown is bugged, as his reload makes his movement speed EXTREMELY SLOW for a few seconds after.
  • Survivors can, once again, get stuck inside hooks. This soft-locks the game until they D/C, as it’s reported that you cannot be killed by EGC.
  • The new map has a few spots that are completely safe all of the time (specifically the corner of the courtyard where you can literally trap yourself in-between pallets as survivor), and the rest of the map is baren. Extremely boring, and especially unfun when the map’s geometry is broken.
  • Btw, all survivors have Iron Will and don’t breathe.
  • Billy is bugged again. It’s not as bad as before... but Billy is bugged again. His animations are wonky, and his movement has changed.
  • Demogorgon does not come out of his power where he is supposed to; instead, it can be a too early or too late exit.
  • Blood Warden doesn’t work on dying survivors on the new map.
  • Generators generally don’t make any sounds, which is BEYOND ridiculous when the objective is generators.
  • When trying to hook a survivor, the game sometimes will pull out it’s dedicated servers and force you to spam space to get the hook.
  • Survivors and Killers both now have an increased tendency to literally teleport to previous locations.
  • The button to Exit the Game doesn't work, and neither does Alt + F4.
  • The button to Exit the Match doesn't work.
  • Legion is unable to vault certain windows while in Feral Frenzy, making some areas (Like main buildings that can be looped by using these windows) god loops against Legion until they're blocked off.
  • On PS4, it is REPORTED that, if two or more survivors try to open exit gates at the same time, one survivor will fly into the air and the other will crash. I can't prove this because I don't play on PS4.
  • The new map has MULTIPLE LOCATIONS THAT THE KILLER CAN HOLD THE GAME HOSTAGE IN. MULTIPLE. LOCATIONS. What was the goal here, to give the killer an advantage in some rooms or make trolls borderline impossible to defeat on this map?
  • Oni can periodically be unable to use his power, and proof of this was given in the comments.
  • It is REPORTED that you can can get stuck INSIDE of the wall of The Asylum (On Nurse's map), soft-locking the game. I don't know if this is correct or not.
  • Flashlights are off-axis, making the beam aim to the right instead of the usual straight beam.

Tell me how all of this got through without at least SOME testing. Please.

I’ll still play killer, and I know a lot of others still will, but the game is INFURIATINGLY BUGGED and it coincidentally helps the survivors immensely. If I didn’t know better, I would suggest rolling back until the bugs are fixed.

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