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I don't know when they changed Kindred but I love it even more now!

I've had a 6+ month hiatus from this game and started playing again a couple days ago. I was so confused cause I thought everyone had Kindred and then realised they changed the perk. When did they change it?

I absolutely love it - as a solo player I can see how everyone is getting on and if I should continue the gens or go for a save. It's also interesting just to see what other people are doing. I'm low level as I haven't played in ages so I witnessed 2 'too cautious to save a hooked survivor' Claudettes crouching near the hook, too afraid to go near a patrolling Myers as I finished the last gen. They totally would have left him to die if I didn't step in.

I also paired Kindred with Aftercare which might seem like over kill but it worked really well and helped me coordinate with randoms.

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