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Beast of Prey Buff

notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,400
edited June 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

I'd like to see Beast of Prey get the simple buff of a bit of persistence to the Undetectable effect after you lose Bloodlust.

Both of its effects are currently pretty terrible. 50% more in-game bloodpoints in the hunter category doesn't work out to much by the end of the game, because you're already going to be at or near to cap in most games as killer. You'd probably be better off running a stronger perk, doing better as a result, and just maxing the hunter category without the bonus BPs. As for the undetectable effect, it's nice, but you can't get too creative in your mindgames with it or you risk losing Bloodlust. You're far better off just moonwalking than wasting a perk slot.

Imagine getting Undetectable after reaching Bloodlust I that persists for 15 seconds after ending the chase, to match the persistence of numerous survivor perks (Prove Thyself, Streetwise, Leader, Vigil). With 15 seconds of Undetectable you'd have a big advantage in that chase. You could simply stand still and wait for the survivor to make a mistake, for example, without worrying that your Bloodlust is going to go away and your perk is going to deactivate. You could also break off the chase and instead surprise another survivors at a nearby generator.

There's already a precedent for a perk like this. Dark Devotion actually has a stronger effect with its decoy TR and the Undetectable from that perk actually lasts 30 seconds, not 15. I'd expect that most killers will hit their obsession far more often that they'll go into Bloodlust, too, so even with this buff I'd think that Beast of Prey wouldn't be a particularly strong perk. However, it would have the advantage of being much more predictable to activate. Rather than happening upon your obsession and taking advantage of the effect when you land a hit, you could now just hold chase with any survivor.

This could actually make for some interesting tactical decisions. For example, let's say you've been chasing a survivor for 10 seconds and you see them running towards a strong loop that you'd usually just ignore them at. Do you want to continue the chase to get Bloodlust and use that Undetectable to go for a grab on the survivor working on a gen nearby? Do you want to take the chase and use your undetectable to approach from an unexpected angle and get a hit despite the strength of the loop? I think this would give many opportunities for some really dynamic and fun gameplay, all while buffing a terrible perk to the point where it might get some play again.

What do you all think?


  • FGC_HELPFGC_HELP Member Posts: 114

    The perk is awful but it's nice.

    In one hand I see that it's a weak peek but the upside is bloodpoint gain.

    In the other hand you can use this to your advantage even though a small advantage it may be.

    You could be in a chase, the other survivors (as long as nobody's SWF) won't know the survivor who just ran past them was in a chase in which case they may do a dummy move like give away their position.

    I feel that a strategy such as this would work well with the perk "play with your food" as you could manipulate the obsession to lead you to other unsuspecting survivors.

    I would enjoy seeing huntresses weakest perk get a buff especially a lingering undetectable status.

  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 47

    I would add to the perk that while you are in bloodlust you can see the aura of the injured survivors 16m from you.

    That would work to end long chases sooner, or surprise a clueless survivor.

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