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Who was taken in Kate's place?

SeeYoureWrongSeeYoureWrong Member Posts: 89

So in the recent archives it's come to light Kate has scraped by with the Entity, and one of her cosmetics suggest that she didn't get out of that encounter. But under the assumption she kept going, who was taken in Kate's place? The entity needs hope, so what chapter happened in her place (not counting the original 4 or liscensed characters)


  • EmpathyModuleEmpathyModule Member Posts: 53

    The Entity does not work in such a narrow scope. It has consumed entire worlds. The characters we see and play as in the game are very, very far from being the only survivors and killers in the Entity's realm. There are likely millions, maybe more, trapped in the Entity's realm at one time. Just because it failed to grab one survivor does not mean it's going to starve.

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