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Give notification you have Solidarity when healing others

I just recently have been able to start using this perk, and I ran into a situation that was annoying but felt easily fixable.

While in a game where I had this perk equipped, I came across a survivor who was injured while also being injured myself. I started to heal them, but they would cancel it and start healing me instead. I would also cancel the heal since it would be better for me to heal them first. We went back and forth trying to heal the other first several times before I succumbed and let them have it. I thought maybe this was a case of both of us having the perk, but at the endgame screen I was the only one with it.

I believe when you have the perk equipped, and you heal another survivor while you're injured, they should get a notification that you have Solidarity. Feels like an easy enough QOL change that would benefit us solo players and slightly buff an underused perk.


  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 945
    edited June 2020

    I'm absolutely spitballing here, the idea just popped into my head by your mention of this, but what if Solidarity just effected all survivors in the interaction?

    If you have the perk, are injured, and find someone else injured, either one of you could heal the other and the healer would partially recover themselves in the process. Diminishing returns depending on how many people participate in the healing action (ie, one survivor healing another would recover 50%, two survivors healing one would net 30% each, three would get 15% each).

    All survivors involved in the healing action would be rewarded altruism points for the heal as well (and possibly an altruism bonus if the Solidarity user was healthy).

    I doubt it would be nearly good enough to make Solidarity into a popular perk, but maybe that would at least be a slightly stronger buff for it?

  • GingerBeardGingerBeard Member Posts: 99

    I believe only up to two survivors can be healing a single survivor at a time, but i'm never in a situation where all four of us are together and healing so maybe i'm wrong.

    It does sound like an interesting buff for the perk though, beyond just straight up increasing the conversion %. Making healing perks more attractive to use can only be a good thing, but I doubt we'll be seeing a buff to this one anytime soon. Which is why I only asked for this small QOL change.

  • GingerBeardGingerBeard Member Posts: 99
    edited June 2020

    Accidental double post.

  • xlRadioactivexlRadioactive Member Posts: 27

    Same notification should pop up when using Autodidact

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