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Verdict on runners and BPs

ZoophageZoophage Member Posts: 122

So... I've read a lot of comments online and on this forum about the issue with a team's "runner", dedicated or not. I just ran a Nurse (only level 8) for 5 gens and ended up with ~12.5k points -- max Boldness and some Objective, I'm guessing (didn't really look; I was, admittedly, a little discouraged). I opted for a 1-for-1 at the end and that was all she wrote (gate was opened and my teammates didn't have time for a save). Ya win some you lose some, right?

Have the devs mentioned anything about crediting the runner BPs for essentially allowing the team time to do objectives unhindered? Or are the devs of the mind that this role should be split-up equally between survivors? 'Cause that's tricky, especially when you're Solo-queing. And yeah, sometimes I get lucky and get a group of decent survivors, to the point where I don't have to get (and hold) the Killer's attention for most of the trial.

It could even be a perk, although that wouldn't be anywhere near as useful as basekit. If it has to be a perk, maybe something along these lines would suffice:

Leroy Jenkins Jr (I have no idea and it's 4:15am)

(universal perk)

You have no problem taking one for the team, as long as that means charging into battle with little-to-no regard for the consequences

While being in an active chase with the Killer you receive 15/20/25% (you're only 1/4 of the team, after all) of the points generated by survivors during that time.

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