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dS iS aN aNtI-tUnNeL pErK



  • mike4156mike4156 Member Posts: 222
    edited June 2020

    This is whats wrong with the community, the goal is to kill survivors yes but not all don't feel entitled to kill 3-4 survivors every match when honestly 2 with lots of chase time is considered the standard run.

    Same for survivors don't feel entitled to have everyone survive.

    I was thinking that they should give killers a bonus when they achieve 2 deaths on hook, and when they kill the 3rd and 4th theyll get a nerfed amount of xp for those kills on the hook. (say maybe a 5k bloodpoint bonus)

    People don't seem to get this isn't a competitive game there's no leaderboard no win loss not even dev run competitions. they tried to implement that but took it out a few months later, this is a casual game but the actual game itself can lead you to start believing and playing the other way.

  • BigBrainMegMainBigBrainMegMain Member Posts: 3,826

    Why are you telling me not to bring UB? It seems UB saved you. =]

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 3,796
  • seki23seki23 Member Posts: 833
    edited June 2020

    thats why i bring pop as my timer (i cant put it to wrok everytime but sometimes it does work if i couldnt use my pop or there were 2 survivors alive only) or MyC on my hag.

  • rogueplayer00rogueplayer00 Member Posts: 110

    The issue is there's no perks that do that to survivors, who plow through generators. If I get my first down, and 3 gens get instant completed, there is NOTHING I can do. I can kick gens, I can chase survivors, but I can't just UNDO a gen, like a survivor can TAKE BACK a down. I love DS. As a killer, I love getting DS'd and having to reinstate a chase, because it feels more rewarding, and its immersive. It makes you feel like you're chasing someone who is fighting for their life, and you're winning if they had to use their trump card. But whats not fun? Is getting DS'd 5 or 6 times in one match, and not getting passed the first hook with anyone on a coordinated team running OoO, all DS, and Iron will. I love the idea of the perk, and even what it does. But it shouldn't be free "hah I can get in your face, waste a 30 second chase, and still make it out without a hook." Killers are supposed to be the power role. Its a 1v4, not a 1v1. Stop playing like its you vs the killer, its your team versus the killer. And the more perks come out that allow survivors to continuously escape the killer and have almost no consequences? Not to mention, "playing around" DS isn't an excuse. I down you 25 seconds after you get unhooked. "Playing around it" is waiting 35 whole seconds. That punishes me. For your mistake as a survivor. I play around it? I risk you having unbreakable, or a coordinated team getting the save, and i waste my own time, meanwhile a blendette or a meg with a toolbox is rushing gens while I'm focusing another chase, or sitting on the body to "play around" ds. Thats why I love Executioner. I dont have to sit and wait for your 2nd trump card this match. I can say F your perk, go to the gulag. Its definitely an issue. I love the perk. But not in its current state. In a 1v4 game, 1 of the 4 shouldn't be able to go toe to toe with me and get away scratch free. That goes against the entire threat of the killer.

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 902

    My only proble with DS is that it can punish killer's for playing fairly

  • witelightingwitelighting Member Posts: 20

    You are playing the strongest killer in the game and you are complaining about ds.thats funny af.with dedicated servers ds became less and less meta.most people will run vault speed which rarely has ds in it.

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 563

    Giving the survivors a second chance after they were thoroughly outplayed is not fair. Killer has nothing even close that can compare to DS and grant a second chance. Even a perk like NOED can be taken away/ignored by competent survivors. DS hurts you regardless if it is used.

  • Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 1,045

    The most cutious stuff its that if you got unhooked and unhook another surv while you DS is active being cocky I will eat your DS but you will go back lobby even if your friends bodyblock me.

    Ds only enrage me when I dont tunnel and I hope surv love to have killer full game.

    What I usually do is:

    If I find survivor getting unhooked I pursue the unhooker.

    If i find surv a few moments later I slug him or just ignore him depending of game speed.

    If surv get inside a locker, do cocky stuff you get tunneled till last hook.

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,823

    60 second invincibility perk

  • witelightingwitelighting Member Posts: 20

    Its only active for at most 2 minutes of a game.you can slugg the person if you think they have ds.you can choose not to chase them.all things you choose.even if you do go after them and down them and choose not to slug them the survivor still has to hit the skill check.this perk went from always usable no real counter to a counterable perk that has more risk than before for the same reward.in this clip you choose to go for the default meg knowing she was hooked recently and passed by 2 other surviors.you screwed up not the perk being op.

  • SadsnacksSadsnacks Member Posts: 263

    I'd have to say 15 minutes and let's bump the 5 second stun to 30 seconds, just to be safe. We have to consider the newer players.

  • Machy619Machy619 Member Posts: 23

    You know if someone gets unhooked and you know they have DS there's a very easy way to counter it and still make some of the survivors come off gens to save them... It's called slugging and it's why DS is balanced

  • jsphwtsnjsphwtsn Member Posts: 79

    Of course this game is competitive, it's a multiplayer game where two opposing sides compete against one another. This game doesn't have official competitions, but the game by nature is competitive. At no point did I suggest that the killer or survivor is entitled to win, but a player shouldn't just pass on opportunities to win the game. If two survivors escape, and you get picked up and have the option to use DS, you aren't going to intentionally miss the skill check in the spirit of the game, and nor should you be expected to. The idea that killers should be punished for doing well is insane, and I think it exposes your bias as you didn't suggest the same penalties for survivors if 3-4 escape. While the developers aim for an average of a 2k balance, the individual player should strive to exceed this, killer or survivor. The argument that both sides should work towards a 2k because it's the aim of balance doesn't make a lot of sense.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 1,275

    If you say DS "punishes" or "wastes too much" time for the killer means it is doing exactly the purpose: a perk for survival. Lets turn the tables. What perks do killers have that wastes time for survivor. Every killer main says BBQ counter is to run and find a locker. That is a huge slowdown because you have to stop working on the objective and you still might not get in the locker in time (depending on how close survivor died from a hook). Sloppy Butcher: adds enormous amount of time healing thus slowing down doing objectives. PGTW essentially removes survivor objective progress. NOED punishes survivors for doing their objective too fast and forgetting the second objective. Blood warden punishes survivors for saving their teammates late game, even the nerfed ruin forces you to find the hot totem or it will eventually beat you, devour hope means everyone stops and looks for a totem which sometimes might be difficult to find WHILE KILLER HAS 1-SHOT.....etc. I could list several more. By in large, most good killer perks are infinite uses whereas survivor perks are 1 time use and its all done. A killer repeats slugging to an unbreakable user? he has a dead perk while killer is enjoying all four of his perks.

    The Executioner: A survivor doesn't have the luxury of totally bypassing a killer's power/perks for simply existing.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,138

    LOL, if they have 60 seconds, sorry but you are tunneling indeed. With inner strength you spend 8 to 10 seconds in a locker, assuming they have head on you will need three seconds more 8+3 =11 so 60 - 11 = 49, meaning they still have 49 seconds left IF you decided to go after that survivor and down them then you tunneled.

    Most of the time, DS has 20 seconds left or so if you suddenly find the same survivor. Thing is most killers "I went back to the hook place after him/her was unhooked, and I found and downed him/her but I didn't tunnel" and focusing on a single survivor, it's what called tunneling.

    That being said, DS is not an anti-tunnel perk, the devs have stated that it will be useful against tunneling, not that the perk is mean to be an anti-tunnel perk.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,610

    DS is fun and fair.


  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,035

    DS can't be an anti-tunnel perk when killers go right back after you even after striked.

  • rogueplayer00rogueplayer00 Member Posts: 110

    100% you're correct, and I understand that aspect. But none of the above perks except for maybe noed allow the amount of game progression that a SINGLE DS can. An entire chase, wasted, is a lot of time. Yes I understand its to slow the game, but it should slow down other things as well. Your ruin argument, can be immediately destroyed. Devour hope as well. BBQ is wall hacks for 6 seconds. All it is is information, not even chase helping. A survivor can counter all these, while yes technically wasting time, but those are all things the survivors should be doing in the first place. Who cares if I have devour hope if you get three gens done in 2 chase sequences? Because thats what happens. Most SWF's I encounter, and even some random lobbies that throw in red ranks on me (I'm purple, reliably.) Just gen rush too fast for me to keep up. I understand the argument of "it requires skill and practice and its still winnable" but how is it winnable if I'm NOT using those perks? If I'm not using NOED or Devour hope, which by the way your end game chat LIGHTS UP with bad words and slander every time a survivor sees either of them in your pool, even if you win without using NOED there's always that "wow what a crutch perk you stupid killer noob." But if I say DS is a crutch perk, im wrong? And DS isnt strong at all and totally counterable? You realize against a SWF, with comms, and maybe even an OoO, theres nothing you can do. Ruin pops fast. Devour pops fast. Gens still get done, and heals are extremely easy thanks to survivors having extremely easy skill checks. Even with Sloppy, there always seems to be someone who can heal any hit i dish in less than 20 seconds. I stopped playing Nurses and sloppy on ghost face at higher ranks because it just simply doesn't help you win. Counterplay is important. And it shouldn't be punished, on either side. I think totem cleansing should be made a must objective. Imagine if before you exit, you need to cleanse 3 totems. Just 3. Then all the hex perks, would get debuffed, and then we can address perks like DS, or Iron Will, that literally take away a killers ability to progress his own objective. Once again, its 1v4. Not 1v1. One survivor shouldn't be able to just square up with The Executioner, The Trapper, or even Bubba, without consequence. And that's what it does. It allows survivors to win even if they don't deserve to. Its a point system. I have to hook at least 9 times to get all gold. 12 plus other prerequisite to get a perfect game. If I down you twice, you can just take a hook away from me. But I can't take a gen from you. I cant take a totem from you. I cant stop you from your objective, unless I'm chasing you, and that means I can't check the other 3, because its a 1v4, without not committing to the chase, which never allows me a down or hook to begin with. So?

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,395

    Answer: IT'S NOT.

    It's complete bullshit and the only people who defend it are completely misguided, misinformed, or flat out biased.

    It's hilarious, that when PH releases people (survivor mains I can only assume) freaked out and condemned his power immediately when everybody on the live build realized DS wasn't working. Threads cropping up the very same day or soon after he released to "fix the problem"

    When hold on, hear me out, Decisive Strike has been receiving complaints ever since it released alongside the Halloween chapter in October of 2016.

    Think about that for a second. The "problem" that just became a "problem" maybe a week ago, is more pressing to fix than the problem that has been widely known about and expressed since 2016 for four years.

    That's like telling a self-destructive alcoholic who has been an alcoholic for four years to cut back on all the junk food he's suddenly been eating in the past week. Uhm, THAT'S NOT THE PROBLEM.

  • Thatgurl_againThatgurl_again Member Posts: 261

    The devs have already said that it is not an anti tunnel perk. So....

  • Thatgurl_againThatgurl_again Member Posts: 261

    Ah yes let's not buff a survivor perk but killer mains can still ask to nerf survivors for them surviving. See what I did there?

    But seriously keep ds the way it is. Its okay already

  • Thatgurl_againThatgurl_again Member Posts: 261

    And the survivors should play as the survivors

    They can play how they want. Immersed or gen rushers. They do their best to survive the killer and avoid dying. Isn't that the point of the game? Killers try to kill and survivors try to survive?

  • SadsnacksSadsnacks Member Posts: 263
  • KaceSpirehKaceSpireh Member Posts: 111
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