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How can i report a hacker on steam?

xtrn303xtrn303 Member Posts: 1

yesterday i saw a hacked profile with legacy p3 when he has reached p3 10/20/19.

help meee


  • InjiInji Member, Mod Posts: 998

    If you suspect someone of hacking/cheating then you can send any evidence to support under https://support.deadbydaylight.com Keep in mind, an in-game report is mandatory.

    You can find this info under the game rules section here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/19450/game-rules-and-report-system#latest

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 528

    steam has a "recently played with feature". But with the new system here on DBD it is much more difficult to access the player's data. So you have to click their name, in-game in the post-match screen and it will take you to their steam profile.

    Then from there you can REPORT the player on Valve and directly handle it that way. I certainly DO, wish Behavior interactive would join us over on Source Dedicated Servers (and welcome them to do just that).

    With Steam server stuff. The tools we have are amazing. They have BAN LISTS across multiple networks. so that TROUBLED player that loves to cheat, is banned not just on ONE title, but anyone whom chooses to participate in cheating can be BLACKLISTED across multiple games.

    It doesn't sound fun, but if people are using the Valve network to cheat. we don't want players in our community that cheat. That is Accountability at its strongest.

    Some of the other moderation scripts ran on the server to determine how far back that player was BANNED. If that person received a VAC in another game, they could be barred from the server.

    An OLD server MOTG for offenders:

    "ACCESS DENIED - You have a VAC ban on record across multiple games and must wait X amount of days and/or hours before it clears, in order to access our systems"

    I get it. Players want a SECOND chance and deserve it. But cheating is not right.


    For abusers we simply MUTED the account and were done. It had stacking penalties. People kept their access to the game. No players that were out-raged would DOS us and life was good. If players wanted to appeal their mute. they could email the server mods. None of this total game-ban access. I'd only perma ban someone if it was a really gross unlawful statement or a threat.

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