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Demon Slayer Feng Min by Feli Dragoon

Hi everyone!

This is my Feng costume. I've loved this skin since I saw the concept art for it, and I wanted to cosplay it since then but thought I'd go crazy with the level of detail it has. Guess what? I did go crazy.

99% of this costume is made out of scraps. I literally only had to buy some paint for the mask, the rest are all fabrics I had lying around (the perks of being a long time cosplayer). I'd love to show you the process of how I've created this, I did everything from scrap, including the shoes. And I had to put a picture of the costume seen from the back, since the backpack and Rogelio the shrunken demon head (zoom in on the right side of the backpack) are my favorite parts of the costume, and the ones I enjoyed the most making. I also took the pictures using a tripod and edited them on my own.

There are some details you can't see in the pictures, since this design has so many elements it was difficult to showcase every single one of them. For example, the embroidery on the pants, the other 2 patches on the jacket and the shoulder piece.

Anyways, I hope yall like it. You can follow me on my instagram @felidragoon , I have a SHITLOAD of different DBD cosplays!


  • karnecitakarnecita Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    You're such a talented cosplayer, you have every detail covered. Not only on this cosplay, but on all of you DBD cosplays. Everything is you do is handmade and simply awesome. I admire you, you know that. I love you so much Feli, keep it up, you're amazing and CRAZY talented <3

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