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Spring3199 - The Pig Doll

spring3199spring3199 Member Posts: 14

I decided to make The Pig because she is one of my favorite killers in Dead by Daylight!

Knife: made out of cardboard and covered in foil

Reverse bear trap: made out of cardboard, some toothpicks, hot glue, and is painted grey

Doll: body made out of muslin fabric and filled with stuffing

Clothes: her jeans are made out of denim and her top is made out of red felt

I used paint for her head/neck, ears, hands, and feet

Her hair is from a barbie doll


First I used parchment paper to make a pattern then cut out said pattern on muslin fabric

Both sides were sewn together and filled with stuffing 

Once body was done, a pig snout was sewn onto the head/face

I then used an old pair of jeans to make jeans for her. They were cut and sewn onto the legs.

For her top I used red felt and cut and sewed that onto the body as well

Once the clothes were on, I used a mixture of red, white, and yellow paint to create the color for her head, neck, ears, and hands

Black felt was sewn onto the back of her head and stuffed to give more volume for her head and also as a base for the black hair from the barbie

The hair was glued on by keeping just the scalp of the barbie and gluing it to the head

However, the snout seemed much too small so I redid the face and it turned out much better

The face was then painted with more detail and I used black paint for her shoes

I also used a luggage tag to create her belt 

Once the doll was complete I just needed to do the finishing touches of making her weapon and her reverse bear trap

I used cardboard to cut out the knife and then covered it in a thick foil

For the bear trap, I cut out the shapes using cardboard and glued it together using a hot glue gun. I also used toothpicks for the front and the whole thing was painted grey

This was quite a lengthy process but I’m very happy with how she came out!

More pictures and progress photos below:


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