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Feng Min - Tokyo Subway - By miss_inconsistent

Here is my Feng Min Tokyo Subway cosplay.

This was so fun to create especially because the Feng Min outfit "Tokyo Subway" was the first cosmetic I bought in Dead By Daylight :)

I decided to leave all the photos unedited to display this cosplay without any special effects or edits. All the photos were taken by myself in an area that i thought was very suitable, considering it's resemblance to some in game areas and structures. (PALLETS!!)

The wig was cut and styled by myself, the mask was made by myself too due to it's unusual design (I used a white face mask and an alcohol based marker) and the clothing was all put together by myself. The medkit also belongs to me and was made by me.

Once again, these are base photos with no lighting changes or any other edits (other than watermark) to keep an authentic and genuine look.

There will be more pictures on my Instagram @missinconsistent including edited versions of these photos and photos of the medkit, which is also visible in the background on my Twitch channel : miss_inconsistent@miss_inconsistent .

Let me know what you think :) Good luck to everyone!!

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