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looking for swf

BoostedbdBoostedbd Member Posts: 1
in PC

Recently new to PC. Have played on console for a little over 2 years but just made the switch about a month ago. I am red ranks but my perk load outs are not great. 1027853768


  • HealsofloveHealsoflove Member Posts: 19

    Hey, add me if you'd like :)

    I only play for fun & to have a good time while playing - nothing serious here if that's OK.

    Steam friend code: 119407179

  • Babyyy_BoyyBabyyy_Boyy Member Posts: 431

    I just made the switch to PC around 5 days ago Been playing dbd on console for a year I’ll definitely add you because I need some PC friends as well.

  • Kotoura_san94Kotoura_san94 Member Posts: 7

    I enjoy swf i do mainly play my console because i dont have any friends on pc ...

  • xOMNISCIENTxxOMNISCIENTx Member Posts: 49

    Here is my friend code guys 201047472. Im always looking for more players to swf. I get a lot of sweaty killers fyi guys, join if you are ready.

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