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the Silent Hill - multi layer paper cutting art by fumi-tan

ふみたんふみたん Member Posts: 4
edited June 2020 in Crafting Contest

Here is my paper cutting work for dbd 4th anniversary and new Silent Hill chapter<3

made up of 4 different color pieces of paper

... I wonder if paper cutting is really categorized in "crafting", but yeah never mind😂


  • ふみたんふみたん Member Posts: 4

    these are the proofs that this is my work

    maybe I can add some explanation for each process

    1. composition and rough drafting (a week)
    2. drawing (3days)
    3. separating by color (2hrs)
    4. CUTTING (8hrs holy crap I'm dead)

  • ふみたんふみたん Member Posts: 4

    previous photo is missing dark gray color at bottom!

    this is somewhat clear

  • ふみたんふみたん Member Posts: 4

    forgot to upload this one, the proof that THIS IS ALL HAND MADE

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