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Anna- bear skin- by Jigsawphia

jigsawphiajigsawphia Member Posts: 2

Cosplay 100% handmade by me !


  • Sus_aenSus_aen Member Posts: 47

    This is awesome!! ~ thats look so cool! ~ wow i love it :O ♡♡♡

  • DeiduduDeidudu Member Posts: 25

    Wow I love it!!!!! 😍 I did this Skin too!!!! I love this version of her so much! You did it amazing!!!!! 😍♥️

  • jigsawphiajigsawphia Member Posts: 2

    Thank you guys ! 😘 yes @Deidudu i saw your cosplay it is so cool ! all the skins of the huntress are amazing for real 😂

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