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Freddy builds

KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 145

Hey there

I would like to ask what are the "meta" perks for freddy or other builds that you can recommend. I'm totally lost. Thanks in advance.


  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,059

    Pretty stupidly easy is BBQ / Pop. Both work good alone already and are heavily annoying for survivors. Hook someone, teleport to the gen that is been working on and regress it / get into the next chase 5 seconds after the hook.

    Good combos with Class Photo is either Ruin + Surveillance (all the gens spill blood and you get most likely all the information where people are on gens by white / yellow auras) or Nemesis + Dead Man's Switch (get your obsession easily and hook to get all the gens blocked on Class Photo teleport). On second build you could even run BBQ again to get into chases quickly and make sure they leave once they got what you are up to, or get an ez grab when they "hope" and just stay on the gen to save it from blocking.

    Tinkerer works good on him too, actually the killer where Tinkerer is the most effective. 85% means 12 more seconds to finish and your teleport just takes 5 seconds. 2 people could finish it if they commit, but you could counter that with Discordance. Pop again makes sense too. Run it with the power recovery addons and try to not spam your power but keep it for these situations when you need it to protect the gens.

    Forever Freddy is also viable and not that hardly annoying since the nerf. Thana + Sloppy + Dying Light (if you play fair, don't use Pop :P maybe Corrupt Intervention instead) And any combination of chains / ropes addons to slow down sleeping survivors. You could also combine the purple slowdown addon (the one that slows down every survivor for each sleeping survivor) with the paint brush, so that everyone starts with 8% slowdown at the beginning of the match. I like to play that one with the shroud offering to have an easier time to find the first one and with Corrupt, you also have a good chance that you down and hook your first target quickly and the first gen is not popped already because of the slowdown and the fact that they started separated (and half of them not on unblocked gens).

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 145

    "if you play fair, don't use Pop :P"

    I'm grinding with survivors to get a least one decent build with him. The grind its so stupid that it hurts. So yeh, i'm looking for S tier builds, so that i can have my share of fun with the DLC that i bough as soon as possible. But for the looks of it i will be playing him in 2021.

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