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The Executioner by TheRedPyramid

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Greetings. I’m 15 years old with years of practicing with my dad. I wanted to participate in cosplay contest, especially since many cosplay events are cancelled. This is a costume that I put a lot of effort in recently. This project took a little less than a month. Luckily I had most of the materials in the workshop at my home. This is also the first project that I did all myself! The helmet is made of EVA foam that is spray painted, and weathered/damaged with silver paint that I dry brushed on with additional cuts made with a box cutter. The gloves are handmade and everything else is detailed by hand. The one exception is the boots. The great knife is made of EVA foam as well, but is held together with a wooden base. These photos are not photoshopped, but are taken with an app that gives a vintage look.

I hope my work is well shown in these pictures. (Sorry if I posted more than I was supposed to) it said in the rules that I could only post one entry, but that’s different than photos. Yes it said “the” photo, but I wanted to capture and post as much detail as possible.

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