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Spirit changes

So spirit is one of those killers that can seem impossible to win against. To heavy of a nerf will make her unplayable but without one she dominates. A nerf suggestion I have is to make it so she effects the environment when phase walking. The moving grass or corn will let survivors be able to know where she is. I think it's fair because it punishes players for not paying attention while rewarding players who do. Of course it would be useless in spots without grass but avoiding areas like that would be part of counter play. It would make spirit a little harder to play while also giving a way to know where she is. Thoughts?


  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,035

    She used to do this and for some reason the devs never reverted it, it would be nice if they did

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652

    That would make her way too easily counterd..she cant see you and shes the 1 vs the 4..the need to read your killer is her strength..remove it and she becomes trash..not a good idea

  • cipherbay_cipherbay_ Member Posts: 344

    Spirit is already unintentionally nerf'd hard from the devs not fixing sounds and survivors having built in iron will and ninja footsteps

  • NikotiiniNikotiini Member Posts: 77

    She used to do it but apparently not anymore. Not sure if it's a bug or an intentional buff. Either way, I'd like it brought back

  • GodNapGodNap Member Posts: 206

    don't nerf sprit. Buff legion instead.

  • FreeshamFreesham Member Posts: 260

    I think weaker killers should be buffed to current Spirit levels.


    As a spirit main myself I can say she still got this, but it's harder to hear from the survivor perspective. I would also make her footsteps louder tbh

  • Abdiel_IscariotAbdiel_Iscariot Member Posts: 2

    Spirit is good the way she is. They removed collision which made her too strong. If you can't win against her then practice more. She can be countered in chases easily if you vs her enough. Also try running anti scratch mark perks and perks that make your actions quieter. Right now take advantage of the sound bug as well. I bet next we're going to see survivor mains asking to keep the sound bug as a base kit. lol Wouldn't surprise me. Personally I play both sides fairly evenly. One suggestion I would make is split the playlist into casual matches and ranked. In ranked there would be solo queue only. SWF would be exclusive to casual. It would separate the boosted survivors from the ones who don't rely on friends communication as a crutch. I ONLY ever solo queue since last year and my skill as survivor has grown immensely as a result.

    Good luck in matches friends and stay healthy in these crazy times. See you in the fog 🤘

  • elvangulleyelvangulley Member Posts: 569

    O look another entitled survivor begging for a nerf to a strong killer.

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,059

    They ain't gonna touch anything to do with Spirit again anytime soon. They will do eventually once she's the only killer left that needs her own unique TR; but until then, no way is she getting tweaked again. All I want about Spirit to change is that it becomes obvious when she has started phasing. Make it so you hear the whoosh noise even inside her TR. At least that would make Prayer Beads actually make sense with how it functions post adjustment; as well as removing the dominance she has in close quarters of "the no-mindgame-mindgame" that's a bunch of bull. The only killer that has zero to minimal tell-tale (with certain cosmetics and from a certain distance away) that she's using her power. Not to mention from close-range you are pressured into feeling that Iron Will is a must vs her. But even then, Stridor exists to make that counter pointless e xept on one survivor... Ace > Spirit lol

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335
  • elvangulleyelvangulley Member Posts: 569

    She Shouldn't be touched at all. Spirit has already had a nerf her power is fine. She literally goes blind while using it and has to rely on the buggy broken sound.

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