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DetectiveCookieh - Plague

I upgraded my Plague for this contest. I was possibly one of the first ones that made her as I started my cosplay of her when she was in the PTB day 2.

Ever since that first Plague version I made some new things. Put lights in the censor (which ofc I didn't find before the shoot but otherwise it glows red from inside), I got two pair of leggins which I cut open to be able to have it kind of as a shirt (or extra skin really) so it covered my legs, feet, arms and hands and then I sat hours after hours painting the leggins with acrylic paint so I wouldn't have to spend 6h+ on body makeup and 2 hours or more doing face makeup as well. It saved me a lot of time getting ready.

I eventually made latex prosthetics which is what I like to call ''the bubbles''. I made a lot of bubbles which I then cut apart and applied to the ''extra skin''. I later painted that with acrylic paints as well to match the rest of the extra skin (leggins). I mixed a lot of colors so I have grey, black (I liked exaggerating with the black and darker colors as it made the latex blend in really well), red, purple and greens but they only wanna appear in some lightings :/

I have a walk-through how I made my first Plague version but haven't updated it lately so that's why I'm typing everything here now.

All the latex (and even a cut bald cap) in the face was applied with eyelash glue since latex makes my eyes tear and considering I'm not used to wearing lenses which I've done only for this cosplay a few times xD

The location we took photos at is a place in Sweden called Månstorps gavlar which I'll be posting a link of photos below. I'll also be making a post on my instagram with photos of my Plague leggins and latex process.

Here's the first process post of the updates. You can also find my plague cosplay highlight on my page there to see how I started making plague when she was in the PTB

( First process post link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBtFcD9jNbC/

Second progess post link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBtF1-wjsey/ )

Now, what's photoshopped in this photo? I wanna be completley clear and honest. What's photoshopped here is the fog to the censor (Idk if it's spelled that way?) and the light beam on the right upper corner. The colors are enhanced a little bit because we were taking photos late evening turning into nighttime. We did have studio lighting with us out which my partner had to help hold in different angles to make my body and face pop out more in the dark.

I'll be posting a link of Månstorps gavlar here as well to help you guys see how the place looks since it's so perfect for DbD and such a BEAUTIFUL place! :)

I hope I've made everything as clear as sunlight and feel free to message or comment if you have questions below. I've worked so incredibly many hours with everything so I really hope you guys like it and I can breathe out a little bit<3 I'm so anxious and nervous :(

Photo by Anna Hallander, Plague entirely by me and lighting assistant is my partner (don't think he wants me to mention his name xD)


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