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Killer: A guide to pleasing the entity himself.

Long days and pleasant nights and welcome to the fog! I am the second busiest music nerd (you can call me Jack), today I will be showing you how to please the lord entity himself, by sacrificing all four survivors in the trial, whilst going over the basics.

An introduction to perks.

Alright, first up are perks. Perks are gifts from the entity to enhance your gameplay, there are 3 rarities of the perk to level up. You start off with a few free perks in the game, the best of them for me are as follows. Whispers: whispers will help you as a new player, find survivors and know what areas of the map to patrol, as soon as you see the perk light up or hear the entity's language, it means someone is within 32 meters of you at tier 3. Sloppy butcher: sloppy is an amazing game delay perk, if you are starting off as killer, because it is amazing on every killer, it gives the survivors the mangled status effect when you hit them, meaning it will take a very long time for them to heal, giving you ample time to pressure other generators and survivors. Hex no one escapes death: Ok, imagine this, the game isn't going very well and you don't know how to recover, well no one escapes death has got you, it will help you recover from a bad game and do a complete 180, it allows you to insta down every survivor when all generators are done, and a hex totem spawns, and if the survivor cleanses that totem, the perk is gone. This perk will help you as a new player, but eventually you might grow out of it when you get better. The last perk slot can be the any of the perks that your killer of choice starts with! Teachable perks are perks specific to that killer, but once you reach level 30, 35 and 40 you will be able to unlock that perk for every killer!

The bloodweb.

The bloodweb, is where you unlock perks for your killer and get add-ons and offerings. Add-ons enhance your killers power very well, they have 5 rarities: Common (brown), uncommon, (yellow), rare (green), very rare (purple) and ultra rare (pink). The rarities represent the effectiveness of the add-ons, brown being weakest and pink being strongest most of the time. Once you reach level 10 of the bloodweb, the entity will start appearing taking items, making your bloodwebs shorter. Offerings are items that can be found in the bloodweb, that can be burnt once per trial. There are a ton of different offerings but we will start with bloodpoint offerings. These offerings increase the amount of bloodpoints earned in a specific category or all around with bloody party streamers or survivor pudding. Map offerings will send you to a map of your choice pretty much guaranteed, unless a survivor brings one as well, meaning you have a lower chance of being sent to the map you wanted. Hook/chest offerings. Hook offerings increase how close the hooks are to each other, making it easier to travel around the map hooking survivors, without worrying about there being too little hooks on the map. Chest offerings reduce the amount of chests on the map, meaning there will be less items that can be found in the trial. Memento moris. Alright, memento moris have 3 rarities. What they do is allow you to kill a survivor by your own hand in a match, meaning you don't have to hook them, but beware, don't abuse them as they can cause you to not rank or derank. The cypress mori allows you to kill the very last survivor by your hand. The ivory mori allows you to kill one survivor that you have hooked before by your hand. The ebony mori allows you to kill every survivor that you have hooked at least once by your hand.

The shrine of secrets and iridescent shards

The shrine of secrets is where you can purchase teachable perks with iridescent shards, which you get by levelling up from playing matches. 4 perks appear in the shrine every week. The shrine resets every wednesday. 2 of these perks are survivor perks and 2 are killer perks. For 2000 iridescent shards you can get that perk and teach it to your killer. Iridescent shards also allow you to unlock certain killer that you want.

the roster and which killer you should get first.

Dead by daylight currently has 20 different killers, you start out with 3 killers and one free DLC. The killers can be put into different categories, so choose which killer you want by your playstyle. Some killers may fit into more than one category.

  • Stealth:The wraith, the shape, the pig and the ghostface.
  • Trackers: The doctor, the wraith, the clown, the demogorgon and the legion.
  • Set up killers: The trapper, the hag, the demogorgon, the nightmare, the executioner, the plague and the pig.
  • Mobility killers: The hillbilly, the nurse, the wraith, the nightmare, the spirit and the Oni.
  • Chase killers: the clown, the huntress, the cannibal, the deathslinger, the executioner, the plague, and the pig.

Which killer should you buy first? We have tons of chapters, licensed and originals meaning you can play a killer from your favourite horror movie! It is up to you which chapter you should by first, but the leatherface chapter contains 3 amazing perks. Knock out is amazing for slugging, if you have a aggressive playstyle, Franklins demise is amazing for taking out items, and barbeque and chili is possibly the best perk in the game, because not only is it an amazing tracking perk, but it gives you double bloodpoints if you hook every survivor at least once, meaning you can level up characters very fast!

The trial.

In the trial, there are 5 generators survivors have to complete. 7 generators spawn on the map though. Your objective is to hook as many survivors as possible. Survivors leave scratch marks, which you will eventually get used to tracking, allowing you to learn the locations of survivors. Each time you hook an individual survivor, they get closer and closer to dying. First state of the hook, they can attempt to escape, but this speeds up the progress of the hook for you. The second stage is when they have to mash buttons and struggle against the entity. The third stage is death, when they are sacrificed to the entity. Each time a survivor is unhooked, a stage is skipped. Pallets are barriers that a survivor can drop on you and stun you. Pallets can be broken by the killer rendering them useless. Survivors can vault the pallets, meaning you can mind game. Mind gaming is faking movements, meaning you can move left and go right instead, fooling a survivor to vault right into you. Windows are locations that survivors can jump over, but after they vault the window 3 times, the entity blocks that window temporarily, rendering it useless. Each time a survivor fails an action, a loud notification is played, revealing the location of a survivor, allowing you to pressure that area and survivor. A killer can kick a generator, making it regress backwards. When all generators are completed, the survivors have to open an exit gate. 2 of these exit gates spawn on the map and take 20 seconds to open each. Once opened, a survivor can escape the trial. When an exit gate is opened, end game collapse starts, which is a timer that is put on and when the timer reaches zero, every survivor in the trial gets sacrificed. The end game collapse is slowed down, when a survivor is hooked, downed, or being chased.

Thanks for reading my guide!

It has been a pleasure teaching you how to kill in the fog and pleasing the lord entity! I hope this guide helps you understand the game more and I would be honoured to have your feedback!

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