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Welcome to Dead By Daylight [Guide] [New Players]

Hi, my name is George and I'm here to give you huge welcome to Dead By Daylight and community.


As a killer, your main goal is to kill all survivors. During the game, you have to protect generators from being repaired.

You have to hit players twice to get them into a dying state. After downing survivors, you have to carry them on your back to the closest hook.

When the players are on their third hook they will instantly die, but also if you have some perks or add-ons you can instant down or kill players. I will talk about perks and addons a little bit later.


As a survivor you have to fix 5 generators on the map, so you can power up exit gates which can provide you win in most cases. There is also hatch (black lock) that will spawn randomly on the map, and it will open when there is only 1 survivor left or when the survivor opens it with a key.

Also, you need to run away from the killer. But If you got hit once you can get healed by your friends or by yourself (if you have medkit or perk that can provide you self healing option).

If you get on hook, friends can unhook you or you can try your luck. If you get on the second hook you need to struggle for your life. You have limited time on hook, so try not to get on it in the early game.


Skill checks are there to make your progress a little bit harder as a survivor.

There are good and great skill checks. Great skill checks will give you a little bonus of progression.


Totems are spawned on the map randomly and they can be cleansed by survivors.

They will give you points if you cleanse them, but there are more valuable totems that are called HEX: Totems.

They are lighted up and they are spawned by the killer. (Killer is using HEX: Perk).


Perks are "abilities" for killers or survivors. With perks, you will have an advantage. The game will be easier with them.

Addons will be shown before the match. Most of them are used to give you more blood points, but there are more that can affect your item or add-ons on your item.


You can obtain items from chests and also you can equip them before you start your match.

There are currently 4 items available in chests.

  1. Medkit (You can heal yourself or you can heal others faster than usual)
  2. Toolbox (You will fix faster generators and you can sabotage hooks)
  3. Flashlight (You can blind killer for few seconds)
  4. Key (Most of them can open "black locks" aka hatch)

Addons are applied to items or to the killer's power.

They can improve your power/item.


Blood points are an in-game currency that can be used to level up your survivors or killers.


Shards are used to reward players on every level up. You can buy skins for killers/survivors or you can buy killers or survivors in-game store.


Auric cells are similar to shards, but you can't get them for free, you need to purchase them with your money.

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